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First..Surefire Premenopausal signs:

  • YOU’RE gaining weight and it’s a lot harder to lose it – fat is being deposited mainly on your stomach, hips, back bra clasp area, and the back of your arms
  • YOU are having problems falling sleeping and/or staying asleep
  • YOU’RE so tired and can’t figure out why
  • YOU are bloated and feel swollen
  • YOU’RE experiencing PMS symptoms (sometimes worse than they were in your teen years)
  • YOU’RE experiencing mood swings, anxiety, are easily irritated and at times feel depressed

AND…YOU may want to be hush about (not admit to), but IT’S TRUE…

  • YOUR periods have started to become irregular (some months your cycles is regular while other months it’s not – some days lighter and some heavier)
  • YOUR libido (sex drive) is low
  • Certain body parts (hello breasts) are heading south, not to mention Tender
  • And then there are the beginnings of the occasional Hot Flashes and/or Night Sweats (1-minute you’re cold, the next you’re so hot) usually occurring in the wee hours of the morning

And…talk about Hormones…AGH it’s a roller coaster some days!!

I am YOUR Fitness Professional & YOUR Life Coach, with over 20-years experience, in developing customized proven programs, services, and strategies for Busy Premenopausal Moms.  

GUARANTEEING your triumphant victory and celebrating in achieving your personal goal.

You are,

  • Premenopausal
  • A Busy Mom
  • Stressed
  • Lack time due to both your work & kids schedules
  • Wishing to eat Healthier, and
  • Forgetting YOU are IMPORTANT.

So, whether it’s YOUR first time here or you’ve visited more than once, I am equally honored that you have decided to stop by and take a browse.

It is my passion that gave me the strength to create Body Business.

I myself am a busy premenopausal mom so I understand and feel what YOU yourself are experiencing, and I want you to realize that if YOU don’t take care of yourself, how can YOU take care of the ones you love; How can YOU be the BEST you want to be?!

Do YOU want to regain,

  • YOUR Self-confidence?
  • YOUR Positive Mindset?
  • YOUR Luster for Life AND Energy?
  • YOUR Ability to Sleep Better?
  • YOUR SEXY Self?

As YOU get older do you want to stay healthy? ( I have a little confession here, I hopefully will be a grandmother one day, and I want to be able to play with my grandchildren (to be their cool grandmother).  Do YOU want to actively play with your grandchildren one day?

LOOK, I also experience how tired, run down, and easily frustrated I can become when I don’t find some form of exercise – movement – to do every day; when I don’t eat healthy, balanced meals or stay hydrated; when I lose sight of having a positive mindset.

It’s time to get UNSTUCK!

I’m READY to get unstuck!  Then scroll down to the bottom of this page to fill out your application form for a FREE call with me.

Do you ever feel this way?

  • Tired & Run Down
  • Totally Stressed & Frustrated
  • Sleep Deprived
  • A lingering negative self-image & mindset
  • Lost YOUR Libido


YOU’RE not superwoman, but I bet YOU love being a hero to you kids – your family (I do).

LISTEN, I began my business not only because of my passion for fitness, healthy eating, and having a positive mindset but because I’m on a mission to inspire busy women – JUST LIKE YOU…

  • to give yourself a voice and empower yourself to make important ‘ME” time every day (all it takes is 20-minutes)
  • to create a balanced lifestyle that includes movement (exercise)
  • to include overall healthy eating – which doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a small piece of dark chocolate every day 🙂
  • to developing a positive mindset

BECAUSE Our world needs – deserves – strong women.  YOU DESERVE TO BE STRONG & HEALTHY!!

Yes, I must confess.

My mission is to inspire 5000+ premenopausal women by the end of 2017 to:

  • Give YOURSELF a voice
  • Not be afraid to take Action or feel YOU don’t deserve to feel PROUD of YOUR Accomplishments
  • Make & Take at least 20-minutes every day and just move your body, eat healthier, and think positive (good-bye negative thoughts!)

For busy, premenopausal mom’s – JUST LIKE YOU – to Empower YOURSELF and begin making Important Time by creating a Balanced Lifestyle that includes Exercise, Healthy Eating, and a Positive Mindset!

YOU have a unique story, and there’s a reason deep within yourself that brought you here.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed by all the information that is everywhere when it comes to,

  • Exercise
  • Weight Loss
  • Calorie Counting
  • Meal Planning
  • OR…

…maybe you have a bunch of questions and need some clarification, but for whatever reason, you think that your questions are not important to address.


I want to hear and learn about YOUR story.

I want to hear about,

  • Your struggles
  • Your successes
  • and Your roadblocks

Now, before YOU continue to read any further if YOU are still…

  • using LOTS of Excuses
  • have a schedule that is 24/7-full
  • prefer to remain stuck

Or, are not interested in,

  • Feeling More Energetic
  • Being Revitalized
  • Adding Youthful Years to YOUR Life
  • Becoming Healthier
  • Sleeping Better

…then no need for YOU to continue visiting my site.

But thank-you for stopping by.


How many times do YOU find yourself saying,

“If ONLY I could get myself back on track.  Back to exercising, some weight loss, and overall back to being Healther, Happier, and More Energetic – like I used to be!”

Do YOU feel you have lost yourself somewhere between becoming a wife, a mother, working a lot, trying to maintain a household, getting a little older and a lot busier?


Then know you’ve come to the right place.

You see, I get it because I also fall into the category of,

  • being a mom
  • a wife
  • trying to maintain order
  • and stay organized

…heck, some days feel like utter chaos.

Are YOUR biggest barriers towards achieving your Fitness, Health, and Well-being goals,

  • Time?
  • Lack of Motivation?
  • No Support?
  • Accountability?

But, did YOU know that…

When YOU maintain a lifestyle that includes fitness, healthy eating, and positive thoughts, you will gain the Confidence, Energy, and Positive Self-image that you need to take action, go a little further and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

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Okay, maybe you’re hesitant because you know what your spouse might say, I understand, but I’ve got, to be honest with you and justify the fact that YOU need to make yourself important!

You’re not investing in a service, but rather a supportive, transformational journey that will lead YOU towards Achieving maintainable LIFELONG RESULTS!

I’m not only a Personal Trainer, but I’m also a Life Coach – YOUR LIFE COACH – because exercise and healthy eating is only part of the puzzle.

YOU can’t forget about the importance of having a Positive Mindset.  Because let’s be honest here, if YOU don’t feel positive about yourself, how can you even begin to think about exercising and changing your eating habits?

If you could be,

  • Happier
  • Less Stressed
  • More Confident
  • And fit into Your SEXY clothes again – you know, the ones that you’ve been hanging onto for the last 5+ years

…would you (and your spouse) not agree that YOU are worth making an investment into YOURSELF?!

While you are here today, you only have this one life, so take care of it.


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I’m providing women fun, enjoyable, and rewarding, programs and services that fit into their life – YOUR LIFE – I’m inspiring women to finally put their foot down, TAKE ACTION TODAY and begin a program that includes fitness, and health – to lead and maintain a balance that suits their lifestyle and fits into their ever increasingly busy lives.

And by the way, a little hint here, the most efficient workout possible means time is not a barrier to fitness.

6-months from now you will be older, perhaps more stiff, not happy with remaining stuck, and regretting that you didn’t take action…


You could be well on your way to finally Achieving YOUR Goals, having this amazing youthful Energy, feeling SEXY and LOVING LIFE!

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So whether it’s Customized Online One-on-One Coaching, Women’s Fitness Classes, One-on-One Training, or Workplace Wellness Programs you seek – head on over to my Work with Me page, and you’ll find the finer details you seek there.

Remember, I am always open to hearing your ideas about programs and/or services that you’d like to see me offer.

Are YOU Ready to see YOUR Transformation?

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Once I carefully review your answers I will get back to you whether we are a good match for working together because your success is in my best interest.

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