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Body Business, personal training in Kitchener, Waterloo whose helping you get a great, trimmed body.  You don’t have to look too far to craft yours too!

 Hello, I’m Tanya, and I’ve always had a love and passion for health, fitness, and thinking positive, so I thought, “Why not share and help spread my passion’s and vision’s with you”.  This is why I created and began Body Business.

As a wife, mother and career woman, the demands on your time could be overwhelming. On all fronts, you are after satisfying every person who seemingly have a say in how you plan your time and live your -life – kids, hubby and the workplace.

Everyone is taken care of; everyone is impressed by your sacrifices; everyone wants more of your “loving self” for themselves……

The only person who isn’t getting any time for themselves is YOU.

Having to juggle all these and other important things that compete for your attention is enough to get you to a point of stress, unmotivated and left with no energy.

YOU do NOT have to sacrifice your fitness, health and wellness; I will help you find the balance that fuels the energetic and fit YOU once again.

My fitness and wellness programs are specially designed with YOU in mind – for working women, mothers who want to get their groove and energy back. They are specially designed and formulated to help you leave the stress behind and shape a new you. They include;

  • Personal Training Programs
  • Shape Shift Session Classes
  • Workplace Wellness Programs, and
  • On-line Health & Wellness Programs

If you are a women between 30-55 years, this is your solution to guaranteed results.

  • If you are extremely stressed; are exhausted by the end of the day
  • If you don’t like the way you look or how your body feels and as a result suffer from low self-esteem; back pain; stare at your closet not knowing what to wear
  • If you have a busy schedule that is keeping you from getting and staying healthy and fit;
  • If you want to start eating healthier but do not know how to begin;
  • If you easily get tired with no apparent explanation;

You’ve discovered a guaranteed solution for all your fitness, health and wellness troubles, where they become a thing of the past.

I make sure I help you create a work/life balance that will make your health and fitness  goals both achievable and attainable.  I do not just emphasize exercise or healthy eating alone; I work on making sure YOUR mind and body are healthy and primed to help motivate you to achieve your goals.

I also understand that a drastic lifestyle change may be difficult at first; so I work with you all the way, through the baby steps to you taking giants strides as a result of YOUR positive achievements which are definite and sure. All that is required is your commitment to be accountable and take the steps to succeed – to look and feel wonderful.

The limitations before you do not matter if you are willing to look away from them to achieve every set fitness, health & wellness goal and meet every milestone. I do not just show you what to do; I take you by the hand to make sure you find yourself – the fit and healthy YOU.

I am Tanya – your Body Business trainer.

I work with you to understand your personality and create tailor-made programs and routines that will help you find yourself again; quickly and efficiently. We are a team; I am cheering you to victory.

Sporting the body you want is the beginning of good things, even for those that make demands on your time. A healthier you will translate to a happier and healthier family, a more effective output at work which makes your job and those of your associates easier. You radiate self-confidence and believe in yourself first, and then, in others.

Do YOU want a better, more functional and fun program?  One that is based on your specific wants and needs instead of what someone else thinks you want?  Then ask me Tanya: Body Business.

From, Personal Training Programs, Shape Shift Session Classes, Workplace Wellness Programs, and On-line Health & Wellness Programs, your fitness and health needs are well and truly covered.

Are you ready to find yourself?

Tanya: Body Business: Shaping your foundation.

 “I was an active, and athletic child, growing up. Unfortunately my level of activity declined over the years, and certain life events left me feeling depressed, powerless, and unhealthy. Not long ago, I learnt of Tanya and thought I would give her a try. I hadn’t succeeded through gyms or self monitored attendance at local fitness centers. I thought the 40 min., 2x/wk time commitment, and small group size, with a professional who could guide me through a total body workout would help. I was nervous to begin, felt intimidated, and imagined all the women exercising would be fit and strong. I was relieved to see all shapes, sizes, fitness levels, and ages when I entered my first class. A welcoming environment with enthusiasm and respect for everyone; encouraging us to push ourselves to succeed. The results were immediate. I felt energized, relaxed & motivated. I look forward to workout nights, the nutritional advice, health tips, and supportive energy to optimize our success.  People are commenting on my ‘glow’ and health, when I thought only I could tell the difference. It is a great gift to be able to entrust Tanya with my health and know I will be guided to continued success. I would recommend Tanya to anyone who is looking for encouragement, expertise and results.”





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