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smaller photos     Hello, I’m Tanya, and I’ve always had a love and passion for health, fitness, and thinking positive, so I thought, “Why not share and help spread my passion’s and vision’s with you”.  This is why I created and began Body Business.

You’re constantly hearing it all over the media; stress, weight gain, and obesity is on an all time high and growing at an increasingly dangerous rate for both adults & children. My vision is to help you, specifically women, in the Greater Kitchener – Waterloo Region and beyond, to simply begin moving your body and make everyday life choices more uncomplicated and simplified.

Are you working full time; a wife; a mother; driving kids to a variety of sports; living a very busy life; going to bed exhausted?

Would you agree that taking care of yourself is utterly important?  YES!

Scheduling time for yourself, for your own health is crucial; the reward is a much happier, positive, energized, and less stressed you.

Being a women you know you are a key role model, shaping a foundation, teaching yourself, and your family, the importance of a healthy lifestyle that includes movement & exercise; coupled with balanced healthy eating habits, which BTW, doesn’t mean you have to completely give up and stop enjoy the foods you love.  Remember, it’s the tiny baby steps that create the milestones and a life filled with successes.

Do you have body & weight issues; struggle with your self-images; feel so stressed and can’t imagine finding time for yourself?  Guess what, I totally understand because I am also a mother & wife and I want to be honest with you, there are times I feel how you do right now!  However, know your life doesn’t need to be like this; you don’t need to rely on willpower alone; you know deep down inside you deserve more.

Do you want to participate in any form of exercise; to focus on your health; to make food choices a non-complicated task; to find easy stress relieve techniques an important part of your lifestyle?

Do you want someone who will support, motivate, and be your stepping stone to a life long road of goal achievements & rewards?  Here I am.

  • Do YOU feel frustrated, want to give up, not seeing any results no matter how hard you try?  Wondering where to start?
  • Do YOU feel intimidated in a gym environment; who has time to exercise?
  • Do YOU find yourself frustrated, angry, because you can’t seem to find “ME” time; feel unimportant; your kids have so many extracurricular activities?
  • Do YOU feel stuck, not knowing how to accomplish your goals; stressed & tired all the time?

Will you let me help guide you with the baby steps, one small step at a time?  

I want to see you begin achieving your goals; simplify everyday food choices; share with you the resources needed to improve your health & well-being.  Together we, as a team, will aim to surpass your expectations, transform your mind & body; have you begin living a healthy lifestyle, free of stress, and full of vitality!

” I was an active, and athletic child, growing up. Unfortunately my level of activity declined over the years, and certain life events left me feeling depressed, powerless, and unhealthy. Not long ago, I learnt of Tanya and thought I would give her a try. I hadn’t succeeded through gyms or self monitored attendance at local fitness centers. I thought the 40 min., 2x/wk time commitment, and small group size, with a professional who could guide me through a total body workout would help. I was nervous to begin, felt intimidated, and imagined all the women exercising would be fit and strong. I was relieved to see all shapes, sizes, fitness levels, and ages when I entered my first class. A welcoming environment with enthusiasm and respect for everyone; encouraging us to push ourselves to succeed. The results were immediate. I felt energized, relaxed & motivated. I look forward to workout nights, the nutritional advice, health tips, and supportive energy to optimize our success.  People are commenting on my ‘glow’ and health, when I thought only I could tell the difference. It is a great gift to be able to entrust Tanya with my health and know I will be guided to continued success. I would recommend Tanya to anyone who is looking for encouragement, expertise and results.”





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