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February 16, 2016

Low back pain is one of the most common health problems in the world, with at least 80 per cent of people experiencing, at least, one episode in their lives, says an Australian report.
The key to preventing lower back pain is exercise, says Chris Maher, a health researcher and professor with the George Institute for Global Health at  the University of Sydney.
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As a personal trainer, I am not at all surprised by this study as I’ve had countless clients come to me about their back issues.  Once they began implementing an exercise program into their lifestyle everything changed and repair happened…
Feb. 17


How many times do YOU find yourself saying, “If ONLY I could get myself back on track to Health, Happiness, and Energy – like I used to have?”

YOU feel you have lost yourself somewhere between becoming a wife, a mother, working a lot, trying to maintain a household, getting a little older and a lot more busy.

I get it because I also fall into the category of being a wife, mother, trying to maintain order, and stay organized – heck, some days feel like utter chaos.

YOUR biggest barriers towards achieving your Fitness, Health, and Well-being goals are Time, Motivation, Support, Money, and Accountability.

But, did YOU know that…

When YOU maintain a lifestyle that includes fitness, healthy eating, and positive thoughts, you will gain the Confidence, Energy, and Positive Self-image that you need to take action, go a little further and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

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Okay, maybe it’s the money factor that’s really holding you back or perhaps you’re hesitant because you know this is what your spouse might say, I understand, but I’ve got to honestly with you and say that this is not just a service you are paying for, but rather a supportive investment that will help lead YOU towards Achieving LIFELONG RESULTS!

If you could be Happier, Less Stressed, More Confident, and fit into those SEXY clothes again – you know, the ones that you’ve been hanging onto over the last 5+ years – would you (and your spouse) not agree that this is a worthwhile investment?!

Oh, and I do stand behind my Satisfaction Guarantees.

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I’m Tanya and I’m providing women fun, enjoyable, and rewarding, programs and services that fit into their life – YOUR LIFE – I’m inspiring women to finally put their foot down, TAKE ACTION TODAY and begin a program that includes fitness, and health – to lead and maintain a balance that suits their lifestyle and fits into their ever increasingly busy lives.

And by the way, a little hint here, the most efficient workout possible means time is not a barrier to fitness.

6-months from now you will be older, perhaps more stiff, not happy with remaining stuck, and regretting that you didn’t take action…


You could be well on your way to finally Achieving YOUR Goals, having this amazing youthful Energy, feeling SEXY and LOVING LIFE!

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So whether it’s Customized Online One-on-One Coaching, Women’s Fitness Classes, One-on-One Training, or Workplace Wellness Programs you seek – head on over to my Work with Me page, and you’ll find the finer details you seek there.

Remember, I am always open to hearing your ideas about programs and/or services that you’d like to see me offer.

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