What is T.B.T.B.C?

What is T.B.T.B.C?


(The Body Transformation Bootcamp Challenge

by Body Business)

Well, let me break it down for you into two simple categories….
What it is not:
  • 45 minutes of non-stop exercises with no rests
  • open to only very fit individuals
  • a competitive atmosphere
  • a room full of people watching you
  • class that never has new ideas and/or exercises
  • a class where you are not felt welcome or greeted
  • class where you are pushed beyond your limits
  • a serious atmosphere were no laughs allowed
  • a place where no support is given for your efforts
  • a judgemental place of fitness
What it is:
  • 5 min. of warm up, 30 min. exercises, 10 min. cool-down & stretching
  • multi-level exercises executed for all fitness types with modifications shown to suit your level of fitness each & every class
  • a non-competitive atmosphere
  • a class where all participant’s focus on themselves and how they are executing the exercises (form, muscle groups)
  • classes vary from instructor lead, to obstacle courses, to exercise stations, etc.
  • you are felt welcome & greeted with a warm smile as you come into class; acknowledged that it’s great you are here
  • recognition and permission is given to listen to your body and to exercise at your specific fitness level, reminding you to take extra rests when needed
  • smiles, laughs, grunts & groans; making it all the more fun…exercise is about doing good for your body and having fun after all!
  • your efforts and hard work is acknowledged and pride is taken in your progress; gifts and/or prizes are given out each month
  • no one is turned down by Body Business T.B.T.B.C classes


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