What is Gluten??

What is Gluten??


You just ate some bread, a baked good, basically something made with WHEAT flour, Now….
  • Do you find you’re Bloated?
  • You have Stomach Cramps?
  • You are breaking out in a Rash?
  • Do you find yourself running to the bathroom with Diarrhea?
  • You are feeling Sluggish and could take a nap?
Many people experience the above symptoms after eating products containing gluten, yet never realize their body is telling them something.  Does the above list mean you’re body has issues with Gluten?  Well, take a look at the chart below….Do you fit into one of these categories?

The first question many people ask themselves is to define Gluten.  What is Gluten?


What is IBS?


What is Celiac Disease?


Personally, I am sensitive to Gluten. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gluten_sensitivity)  If I eat too much Gluten, I become extremely Bloated, feel extremely Sluggish, and my Energy is ‘zapped’.  Overall, I just feel like CRAP!!  Please keep in mind everyone’s body is different, and we all tolerate foods differently.

Where do you fit?

But don’t worry, things are still great!!  Look at the chart below and all the many wonderful alternative flour choices.  You can make so many breads and baked goods, for example, using alternative flour choices.  I really enjoy using Coconut Flour in place of wheat flour when baking things like cookies and loaves.  I find my final product is very moist and fluffy.  Have fun experimenting!  Remember, the internet is a wonderful resource.  Just type in the kind of flour you are going to use, what you want to make, and I can guarantee countless recipes will come up on your screen.


Now, this is where your homework comes in!

Answer Honestly….

  • How many times do you rush through a meal?
  • Do you sit at a table when you eat?
  • Do you sit at your desk when you eat or actually take your lunch and go sit in the lunch room?
  • Do you sit in front of a computer when you eat?
  • Do you drive in your car when eating?
  • Are you paying attention to what you are eating?
  • Where is your focus, on eating, or work?
  • Make the necessary changes that your body needs you to make!! 


Now that you have made the necessary changes….

Take your time eating, and focus on your body, listen to what it is telling you.

Do you feel bloated?  Cramping occurring?  Suddenly feeling Sluggish?  OH no, you’re racing to the bathroom?


What did you just eat?  Is it time to daily journal and track what you eat and how your body reacts afterwards!!  This is how to pinpoint.  Take the time to make changes.

I encourage you to eat 1 – 2 less GLUTEN products a day, and see how you feel at the end of the day.  See how you feel after just one week.  Track it/Log it/Keep a Journal.

Send in your comments…

I’d love to hear back from you about your body and how it reacts to Gluten.

I’d love to hear about your experience with making Positive Changes.

Send me an email if you have any questions, and if I do not know the immediate answer, I will find you one or direct you to someone who can answer them.

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