Weightloss vs Wellness Transformation

Weightloss vs Wellness Transformation

Weightloss vs Wellness Transformation


I’m talking about Weightloss vs Wellness Transformation today as I’m LIVE outside today – oh, those good endorphins!

A weightloss tip I’m sharing with you today ties in with something one of my Shape Shift Session ladies talked to me about.  She’s currently on a “Life Transformational Journey“, and in addition to taking my classes, she has also begun running.

We were talking and she said to me that she is hoping in a few months, that she will be able to have lost a lot of weight.

What I said to her is that “What you need to look at, yes, weight loss is one thing, but the fact is – and I’m saying this to you to viewers – it’s not all about weight loss, it’s more about wellness”.

LOOK, you can loose weight anyway.

You can do it the dangerous way,

  • by starving yourself
  • doing fad diets
  • consuming shakes
  • consuming replacement bars & shakes
  • taking pills

And when I say “dangerous”, it’s because

, and replacing it with something that is not food, you are only depleting your body of important nutrients and vitamins it needs that comes from real food!

All these quick fixes play on your emotions and are havoc to your metabolism!

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