We ARE more likely to be hurt!

We ARE more likely to be hurt!

Have YOU Forgotten This?!!

Our kids spent a couple of hours yesterday playing with their cousins, which gave my husband and I the opportunity to pull out our bikes and go for a ride in the afternoon.

I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it felt to get outside again and ride on my cyclo-cross bike.  Although I do have to admit, the best part was finally spending some quality time with my husband doing something we both love and are passionate about (sharing something both you and your spouse enjoy helps seeds a strong marriage/relationship).

With a strong head wind and steep hill climbs we faced some real challenges however, we rode with great enthusiasm, laughter, and of coarse some competition–I wasn’t about to let my husband pass me on the hill–he soon came to realize I had power and through his words; “WOW, you made that hill look effortless.”  (YES!!!)

Now, here comes the *#!#%^ Frustrating part!  The rules did not change since last year!  Do you think we are solid like a vehicle?  Are you wanting to cause another fatality?!!

Here is a VISUAL for you
That’s 3 Feet!!

As a cyclist, we drive on the shoulder where we SAFELY can, or close to as possible  (IF the city would follow suit and make actual cycling lanes we would ALL be happy).  My husband and I thank the thoughtful, respectful drivers that did give us a full 3 feet, or better yet, a full lane.  This leads us to believe that these ‘specific’ drivers are cyclist themselves, have cycling friends/family members, or are runners.

As to the other drivers…

Yes, here you are…if I reach out my hand I can touch your vehicle… (no that’s not me in the photo, but I’m sure you get my point)

Think about it.  With the warm weather coming, you will be seeing more cyclist out.  Most of us try to stay off busy city roads and remain riding out in the county.  But, as we head out, we must come back home again, only to face the huge array of drivers.

I going to leave you with some thoughts….  Are you a parent?  Do you have nieces/nephews?  Are you a grandparent?  Do your neighbours have children?  Do you own a pet?

How OLD do you want to be when you DIE?
Could you live with yourself if you killed someone?
Could you live with yourself if you paralized someone?

Next time you see a cyclist, PLEASE show us some RESPECT!

Think about what I have written.

I am a parent of 2 young children.

As a mother and a wife, I’m NOT ready to die yet, nor is my husband, their father…yet all it takes is one driver who forgets the simple rules of the road.


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