Would Your Car Run on EMPTY?

We all know the answer to the above question right…yet how many of you run your own body on EMPTY?

No, I’m not talking about starving yourself by not eating, that’s a topic for another day, what I am talking about is more simple; WATER.  Pure, Simple Water.

When you woke up this morning, did you drink coffee or white/green tea?  If you said coffee, remember that coffee dehydrates you.

If you consume one mug of coffee, you must follow with one mug of water.

Upon waking up this morning, did you also consume a room temperature glass of water, our FUEL for LIFE?

Water helps wake up our body and wake up our metalbolism.  It gives our body the fuel to begin taking on the day.

As you are reading my blog do you feel thirsty?  Tired?  No Energy?  If you answered YES to any one of these questions, then one reason is because you are DEHYDRATED?  Thirst is a key sign of DEHYDRATION.  Your body is signaling to you that it is dried out, feed me, replenish me.

How often have you gone to the bathroom today?  Once?  If you are properly hydrated you should be going throughout the day; at least once every 2 hours.  Now, go empty your bladder, (go Pee), take a look in the toilet before you flush.  Don’t laugh, I’m serious!  I call this the Water Test.  What colour is the water, your ‘Pee’?  Clear, Light Yellow, Medium Yellow, Dark Yellow, or Brownish (heaven forbid).  THE DARKER YOUR ‘PEE’ THE MORE DEHYDRATED YOU ARE.  I hope your ‘pee’ is clear like the toilet water and not yellow.

You have heard to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday.  Well, how large is your glass?  What is your body weight?  What level of activity have you done today?  Proper daily water consumption is based on your weight!!  Here is an example:  Your Weight = 125lbs. x 0.6 = 75.  Therefor, If you weigh 125lbs, you need to be consuming 75 oz/day or 2 1/2 Litres/day, of water EVERYDAY!  (32 oz /4 cups = 1 Litre).  No this is not crazy.  A lot of clients tell me when they begin drinking the amount of water they are suppose to they are constantly running to the bathroom-sometimes every 1/2 hour.  This is a good sign.  Your body is flushing out all the toxins that you are filled with/that’s stored in your body.  Once you are into the 2nd week of proper hydration, the amount of times you go to the bathroom is no longer as often.  If you have been physically active, and you have consumed 1 litre during your activities, then you need to hydrate again with 1 L.

So you do not like plain water, then add some lemon to it.  I cut a lemon into 4 or 8 wedges, pending on the size of the lemon, take one wedge, place it into my stainless steel water bottle, fill it up with water and I have a lovely lemon taste to my water.  (store the other wedges in your fridge in a covered GLASS container NOT Plastic).  Since I did not squeeze the lemon, it will retain it’s juices and each time I fill up my water bottle, I have this lovely natural lemon flavour.  Remember:  if you did not purchase an organic lemon, please wash your lemon with an all natural soap to wash off the pestisides-I state natural because there is no use putting more chemicals onto the lemon.  Why wash, because if you do not and then slice into the lemon with your knife, those toxins on the outside have now been transfered onto the inside pulp.  Special note:  Any produce that is NOT organic should be WASHED!!

As the photo above shows, would your car run if your fuel tank was on empty?  Your mode of transportation represents your body, the fuel tank represents Water.

If you have plants or a vase of flowers at home, what happens when the soil in your plants gets dry?  The leaves become droopy, your poor plant looks like it is struggling to survive and that it may soon die.  You water it.  Your vase of flowers, would you place fresh flowers in a vase without water?

You do the equations.  Love your body!!  Your mode of transportation is replaceable; your plants are replaceable; Your flowers are replaceable;  IS YOUR BODY??  YOU ONLY HAVE ONE….

FINALLY, I’d like to say a Special BIG Thank-you to my FF’s from High School (C & S).  A year ago they told me I should begin a blog.  They placed this great idea into my head.  And Thank-you to J.K for directing me this site which allowed me to get started.  If it wasn’t for the 3 of you, I wouldn’t be here today Blogging.  THANK-YOU!



  1. One of the biggest farctos for many is stress, no matter who you are your outlook on life tells it all.Another is and always will be poor diet, healthy eating and regular everyday exercise will always make the difference between living badly and living well.

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