Do You Use Distance as an Excuse?

Do You Use Distance as an Excuse?

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You have kids that you drive to various activities –across town – it takes 20-minutes to get them there, but you do it without hesitating.  Perhaps it’s a good 20-minute drive to your favourite hair stylist, spa, restaurant, physician and dentist’s office, you know there are ones closer to you – around the corner – but you would never dream of ever changing and going there instead.  Yet do you use distance as an excuse not to participate in fitness activities for yourself?

You talk to everyone you know about your kids great sports activities and how much they love them; you rave about how great your hair stylist is, always giving you a wonderful new look – making you feel good again (in a few short weeks will you be complaining again how you need to see them to make you look decent again?).   

Now image if you spoke that highly about yourself – about something you do for yourself that is beneficial for your body, mind and spirit.  I’m talking about taking the time to do something that is both physically and mentally good for you.  How you feel and look on both the outside and the inside has never ending rewards.  I’m talking about physical activity – exercising – specifically group exercise.

Being in a room full of like minded people, sharing in the same similar goals and understanding the daily struggles, ups and downs, of family life and work; camaraderie is formed making showing up to an exercise class a lot easier than you think.  You become accountable and you begin to realize that you need to do this for yourself – make important, needed and well-deserved time for yourself; dedicating this time to exercise.

You talk about stress, feeling tired all the time, lacking energy, needing to trim up and loose some weight.  With summer around the corner you’re wondering if last year’s clothes will be too small – never mind wearing a bathing suit!  Maybe you’ve turned to the newest shake, pills, or diets that all promised ‘instant gratification’, only to be frustrated and disappointed; you didn’t like the side effects; or found only short term results that lead to more weight gain once you stopped.

So what’s keeping you from trying that great group fitness class you want to try?

What would you rather do; who would you rather be – continue to be frustrated with not achieving your goals, not liking who you have become, how you look, and forever wishing you could change a few things on your body – or love driving somewhere that has made you feel great on both the inside and the outside; you’ve become happier and people are commenting on this; your less stressed; you begin achieving yours goals; and finally you love your body and are looking forward to wearing that ‘sexy’ new bathing suit you just purchased in a smaller clothing size.

Don’t use distance as an excuse.  Make time for yourself and think of that short 20-minute drive as a peaceful, quiet time to finally listen to your favourite radio station without the kids shouting at you from the back seat, an enjoyable drive where you’re not stuck in rush-hour traffic, and here’s the best part – when you get home you are going to sleep like a baby because you’ve just burned off all the stress from your day and you know you are going to feel just great – you’re doing good for your body, mind, and spirit; you’ve stopped using distance as an excuse!  ©



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