Unknown Weight Gain, Mood Swings and Low Sex Drive

Unknown Weight Gain, Mood Swings and Low Sex Drive

hormone imbalancesIt’s something a lot of women are too embarrassed or shy away from talking about, but unknown excessive weight gain. mood swings, not getting a good night sleep and having a low sex drive are some symptoms of Hormone Imbalances.

If you’re in your early 40’s (although symptoms can occur as early as your late 20’s), these are typical perimenopause (PMS) symptoms – before you hit full menopause. Progesterone and Estrogen levels in your body are changing which causes influxes and your hormone levels become unbalanced.

But did you know that your own lifestyle factors are also linked to Hormone Imbalances – stress, what you consume (eat & drink), exercise – or more correctly – lack of exercise, everyday routines, and lack of beneficial nutrients are prime examples of lifestyle factors.

When you speak to your GP about your symptoms, he/she may prescribe hormone medication to rectify your symptoms, however, did you know there is a simpler and unmedicated approach you could include and/or adapt that could help you.

I’m talking about Exercise, remaining Hydrated, Healthy Eating, and linking your exact symptoms to what your Body is lacking (nutrients). This is what I like to call my Natural Approach.

Exercise – How do you feel today? Do you have a fitness and/or body goal you’re not achieving? How will you feel Emotionally once you begin achieving your goal? What excuses are you using to not exercising?

Healthy Eating – Why do you purchase Pre-packaged foods? How do you feel after eating your meals – how does your body feel (bloating)? What’s preventing you from seeking a more traditional, a conventional way of preparing and cooking your meals? How many times do you buy your lunch instead of packing a homemade one?

Vitamin B12, Omega 3 & 6, Vitamin D – Are these some nutrients your body may be lacking? Has stress in your life depleted your body of beneficial minerals? Are your cortisol levels on a tangent – up & down?

Finding the reason behind your Hormone Imbalances are one of the key elements to finding success, solutions for your changing body (weight gain vs. weight loss), de-stressing, fatigue, and energy levels.

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