Top 5-Tips For Boosting Your Health At Work

Top 5-Tips For Boosting Your Health At Work

Top 5-Tips For Boosting Your Health At Work

Do you sit at a desk for most of your workday?   Then you’ll want to read my top five tips for boosting your health at your workplace.

 1.  Standing and/or walking meetings – sitting for long periods of time decreases brain thought processes and leaves you feeling lethargic and exhausted.  By standing or having walking meetings at work, this increase blood flow which leads to better productive meetings, more openness to listening to each others feedback, and shorter meetings time due to coming up with solutions much faster.

2.  Lunch hour walks – go for a lunch hour walk to release any stress you are experiencing.  Walks help increase blood flow, loosen any tight muscles, and increase your feel-good hormones – endorphins – leaving you re-energized, happy, and healthier.

3.  Hydrate – Keep a water bottle at your desk and make a point of drinking it throughout the day.  Consume water throughout the morning so that by lunch you will need to re-fill it.  Then continue drinking it again during the afternoon so that by the time you head home from work, it is empty once again.  Remaining hydrated is so vital for your body, mindset, your overall health, and wellness.

4.  Stretch – getting up from your desk every hour and stretching for one to five minutes will leave you feeling happier with fewer body aches and stiffness.

5.  Choose the stairs over the elevator and hand deliver messages to your co-workers – Getting up to move your body is the most crucial aspect you can implement into your work routine.  Simply including these activities will have you feeling healthier, not to mention will create a more harmonious environment because of the social interaction that is now happening vs. just reading an email or sharing a brief message over the telephone. ©

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