Top 5 Reason’s For Workplace Wellness Programs

Top 5 Reason’s For Workplace Wellness Programs

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Did you know that, “The enormous increase in health insurance premiums is costing Canadian businesses an average of 35 billion dollars every year due to 35 million lost workdays, lost productivity, negative health statuses, and the epidemic rise in obesity-related illnesses?”

So why would you not invest in a Workplace Wellness Program for your business.   By implementing this cost effective program, you improve the overall health of your employees; demonstrate genuine concern for your employees, leading to increased staff satisfaction, lower medical claims, better attendance records, raised retention rates, and overall improved staff moral.

Still need more reasons?  Here are five more.

Lowers blood pressure
When employees are weighed down with stress their heart rate and their blood pressure increases.  Through numerous studies and employee workplace surveys, it has been proven that workplace wellness program, specifically noon-hour workout sessions, assists in reducing these dangerous health risks.

Builds camaraderie and support among all staff
Take team building, group challenging workouts, competition and games for example.  Each team member cheers on one another through the challenges and obstacles they need to do, finishing with high fives, immense smiles, and lots of laughter at the end.  Not only does everyone feel empowered, but employees feel a sense of camaraderie and an important support system is created.

Fewer staff absenteeism with higher retention rates
Choices for Workplace wellness programs are really endless.  They can include health seminars, lunch & learn workshops, and noon-hour fitness programs, directing employees into leading a more health conscious lifestyle, ultimately reducing workplace absentees and increasing the retention rates of employees.

Increased productivity levels
When employees are healthy, positive and enjoy working for their employer, they are more productive, complete outstanding projects on time, and employees tend to get along better which creates a harmonious, productive work environment.  It’s a win-win situation.

Huge boost in employee moral and body image
Providing workplace wellness programs demonstrates to employees how important they are to the company; it boosts the moral of employees.  With programs emphasising, educating, and providing the steps necessary to leading a healthier lifestyle, employees change their self-image, their body image to a positive one.

So there you have it.

However if you are still skeptical, beg to differ, and find it impossible to conceive the many positive benefits of a Workplace Wellness Programs, I encourage you to go forth and book one, or more,  for your employees.  Oh, and please do your part by participating and experiencing the power of the program(s) for yourself.  ©

smaller photos  Give me a call or send me an email NOW to schedule a meeting to discuss the many choices you have and how to customize a program that would best suit your employees.  Remember, the choices are endless!  


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