Top 3 Ways on How to Make Time for Yourself

Top 3 Ways on How to Make Time for Yourself

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Do you find yourself upset, yelling at everyone and then disliking yourself for doing so?  Are you short fused and lack patience?  You are a wife and mother, work full-time, your kids have activities during the week and sometimes on weekends.  You feel tired all the time; you’re always ‘chauffeuring’ your kids around; sometimes you take work projects home with you; the day is done before you know it and you’re frustrated because you haven’t found any time for yourself.  You know the importance of exercising, distressing, eat healthier, and finding time to slow down and relax – but how can you make this happen? 

By following these top three ways you should be able to make important time for yourself:

guiltyDon’t feel guilty:  That’s right.  Do you feel guilty at the simple thought of making time for yourself?  Feel like you are the only one who can drive your kids to their activities, make all the family meals, and leave your work project at work?  You need to stop being superwomen.  Realize that you need help and do not feel guilty for asking for help.  Talk to your spouse about sharing the responsibility of driving the kids, or if that’s not a possibility, ask another parent to take turns with you picking up and driving each other’s kids.
Do not feel guilty in expressing that you need help preparing family meal’s, decide to make it a family event.  Someone can wash and cut up the vegetables, spice the meat, and set the table.  Consider this a bonding time – a time for conversation, sharing the days adventures and even upsets.
Do not feel guilty for leaving work at work.  If you have a huge project, express to your superiors that you would prefer a team to work together on it.  Only take on one project at a time, not two or three.  If within the first two weeks, you realize this is a bigger project than you thought, do not feel guilty asking for an extension – express how you feel this is important in completing a superior final project.  I am sure your superior would respect you for your honesty and your work ethics.

calendarSchedule a ‘date’ with yourself:  Dedicate and make this ‘date’ important; do not let something else take this away from you – unless an emergency arises (driving your kids to the mall is not an emergency).  Mark your time for your date in a bright permanent marker, not pencil, so you can’t cancel or miss it; schedule it into your calendar or phone.  While your kids are at their extra curricular activities practice, take this time to go for a walk or run, sit in a quite spot and just relax or grab that book you’ve been meaning to read and read it.
Wake up 30 – 60 minutes earlier before everyone else and exercise – no one to demand your attention, no disturbances, just you and your time for yourself.  You’ll feel more energized, distressed, your self-esteem with become positive, and you’ll be ready and willing to take on the day.  Now get ready for your family and co-workers to comment on how great you’re looking and happier you seem, and if that’s not a wonderful bonus, I don’t know what is.
Take one-day a month and schedule time, a date, to go out with your friends for coffee/tea, make time to get together and have some fun.  Remember, your kids play and/or hang out with their friends, so why shouldn’t you!  The last thing you want to loose is your special friendship and bond you have with your close friends.

happyFind something you love to do:  We all have something we love to do, a hobby perhaps, because it makes us happy; when we talk about it with other’s, we glow with excitement and could talk about it for hours.  However, when was the last time you did what you love?  Is this activity or hobby important to you; does it make a positive difference in your life; is it something that makes you feel accomplished and important?  You know you make a point of your family members pursuing something that they love and is important to them, so what exactly is stopping you from doing the same.  If you aren’t immediately able to partake in the activity, write about it, close your eyes and image yourself doing it.  Did you know when we visualize the things we love to do, it releases feel good hormones, and who doesn’t want to feel good and happy.  Take time before you go to bed at night and journal your thoughts and wishes; spend 10-minutes doing this instead of watching tv or sitting in front of the computer.  You have just taken an easy 10-minutes and made time for yourself.

So there you have it – 3 ways on how to make time for yourself.  Follow each step and before you know it you’ll be more relaxed, less stressed and frustrated, and a lot happier with yourself – your life. ©

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