Top 3 Tips on Loosing Weight and Getting Fit

Top 3 Tips on Loosing Weight and Getting Fit

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It summer and you know what that means – people are turning their thoughts to loosing weight and getting fit. The Google search begins on how to achieve this – the secret formula – diets, shake’s, medication or exercise are some of the most popular results you’ll find. The choices are really endless. However, no ‘program’ is going to stick without implementing these top three tips into your lifestyle.

positive thinkingPositive Thinking – The way your mind works has a huge impact on how your body works. If you are always speaking negatively or having negative thoughts, “I don’t like my jiggly arms; why do I have these big saddlebags; my waistline doesn’t’ exits,” or “I don’t like my job; why does this always happen to me,” your cortisol levels rise and its ability to burn calories slows down. You need to turn your words, the way you look at yourself and your life into positive thoughts. Think about the good things in your life – what you’re grateful for; find something you like on your body – a positive body image. Thinking positive has a huge impact on loosing weight and getting fit.

bikingGet up and Move – Okay, so maybe you feel it’s difficult to find 60-minutes to exercise, but all it takes is 30-minutes three-days/week. And you don’t need to have a gym membership to achieve this. Prefer the comfort of your own home, do some body resistant exercises, pick up a few weights and incorporate them into your workout. Go for power walks, runs, bike rides, swim or dance. The choices are really endless. Word of advice, pick something you love to do and chances are you’ll stick with it.

glass waterFeed your Body – Starving your body by extremely limiting what you eat or not eating at all are the most dangerous things you can do to your body and mind. You need food for energy and for thinking. Of coarse what you eat, eating more than what your body needs, and how late you eat are huge factors on loosing weight and getting fit. Use the 80% rule – once you feel 80% full, stop eating; tune into how you are feeling as you eat – the body mind connection is an amazing natural tool you have so why not use it. Meal sequence includes having healthy balanced food for breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack and supper. Now, if you eat supper at 4:00pm, it’s alright to include one last snack, just remember, do not eat four hours before you go to bed. And it’s okay to enjoy ‘unhealthy’ food, just don’t make it a habit of consuming daily or going overboard. Remember, drinking water is a given. Many people do not consume enough, so if you are thirsty, your lips are dry and chapped, you feel lethargic or have a headache, are key signals that your body is dehydrated. Make a habit of drinking water throughout the day. You need to aim for 1.5 – 3 Litres/day pending on your activity and environment.  ©

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