How much Sodium is too much?

How much Sodium is too much?

How much Sodium is too much?
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Today’s topic fits in well with last week’s, “Eating OUT”.

How much sodium – salt – do you consume every day?

You might be alarmed when you find out that for the average Canadian, you should be consuming NO MORE THAN 1,500 mg of salt/day; that’s about 1-teaspoon.

However, it’s alarming to learn that most Canadians are consuming about 3,400 mg of salt every day!  Is this you?

So, you know when you eat something and within 1/2-hour of eating out, you feel so thirst…(learn more by clicking on the photo above and  find out what to look for on packaging, eating out, what high sodium levels do to your body – think diseases – and how to keep YOU sodium levels in check).


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