How to take Action for YOUR Fitness & Wellness

How to take Action for YOUR Fitness & Wellness


How to Take ACTION for YOUR Fitness & Wellness


How to Take Action for your Fitness and Wellness

Hello Tanya Otterstein-Liehs here from, inspiring YOU – busy Women – to start making Important LIFE DEPENDENT time for YOURSELF, by exercising, eating balanced meals, and developing a Positive Mindset. 

I’m talking about something different today, it’s about the word, “TRY”.

I’m guessing, possibly since January, so almost a year ago now, you had in YOUR mindset…

  • to start exercising
  • to start implementing some kind of movement
  • to start distressing
  • to eat healthier
  • to try to create a balance Lifestyle

…notice how I said, “Try…try, try, try.”

I have a question for you.

I want YOU, if you have a pocket or a purse, to take some things out, and put them in front of you.  If I told you, I want you to “TRY” and pick an object up and put it back in your pocket, or your purse, would you?  

Chances are, I’m guessing 100% you would!  And here’s another equationyour phone is ringing right now.  Would you TRY to pick it up and answer it, or, would you take ACTION and pick it up and answer it?!  

So it’s not about,

  • Trying to make time to exercise
  • Trying to eat healthier
  • Trying to de-stress
  • Trying to implement,

A bit of a LIFESTYLE change.  It’s about TAKING THE ACTION AND DOING IT!


It was easy for you to answer the phone, and it was easy for you to pick up that stuff that I asked you to take out of your purse and/or pocket.  It was easy for you to just pick it up and put it back.  You didn’t even have to think about it.

So what has you trying all the time and thinking about changing things in YOUR life, to make it better?

And when I say better, I mean implementing some kind of movement, and all it takes is 5 – 20-minutes every day.  Whether it’s doing 1- exercise for 5-minutes or going on a 20-minute walk, it’s something!

You just don’t try to do something, you actually take ACTION and just do it! 

Eating healthier, instead of having just 1-piece of fruit a day, not trying to eat healthier, but instead just grabbing another piece of fruit and having 2-pieces a day, or 2-pieces of vegetables, better yet, both.

It’s not trying to de-stress, it’s actually making action happen, by just taking 5-minutes, closing your eyes, breathing slower, slowing down no matter whatever crazy stressful things are happening in your day (in your life).

So, my ACTION TODAY for YOU is…

…take that, “I’m going to TRY, and change it to TAKING ACTION, and making things happen.” 

I’d love to help you steer towards a positive way of doing that, here’s how,

  • LIKE my bodybusinesskw – Facebook Page, where I always post inspirational messages
  • On Friday’s I post a Funny Friday image
  • Friday mornings at 10:00 am EST, I also go LIVE on this same page

Post your questions, or better yet, schedule a Complimentary 1-on-1 20-minute SKYPE with me or telephone chat with me, whatever works better for you.

Time to change YOUR Mindset from TRYING to TAKING ACTION!

I’d love to know how you are going to take action and what you think of today’s video chat (blog), by leaving comments below.

What are YOU changing from, try, to action?


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