5-Simple Steps to Making Goals Happen

5-Simple Steps to Making Goals Happen A week where you have time for yourself. To destress, to exercise, to achieve a goal, to finally do something you want. This is possible. All it takes is a little scheduling and some accountability. By following these 5-simple steps, you will see this happen – your goals happen. 1. Decide why you want to achieve your goal. Write down the reason’s why you want to achieve your goal. Think about how you will feel when you achieve/reach your goal vs how you will feel if you do not achieve your goal. Ask yourself […]

Hello to January, Winter, New Year’s Resolutions & Big Picture Goals!

  It was January 2011 that I decided to share my passion & love for Fitness & Health and began Body Business.  And let me tell you it has been a wonderful journey.  As any entrepreneur will tell you, no 2 days are alike; there are always good days & struggles, however the bonus of having your own business is the fact that it really does not seem like work, it is enjoyment.  Okay, did I just say it isn’t work?!  By that I mean any job you do should become a part of you – looking forward to each […]

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