5-Simple Steps to Making Goals Happen

5-Simple Steps to Making Goals Happen A week where you have time for yourself. To destress, to exercise, to achieve a goal, to finally do something you want. This is possible. All it takes is a little scheduling and some accountability. By following these 5-simple steps, you will see this happen – your goals happen. 1. Decide why you want to achieve your goal. Write down the reason’s why you want to achieve your goal. Think about how you will feel when you achieve/reach your goal vs how you will feel if you do not achieve your goal. Ask yourself […]

Exercise is key to helping with Back Pain, Australian Studies Reveals

Low back pain is one of the most common health problems in the world, with at least 80 per cent of people experiencing, at least, one episode in their lives, says an Australian report. The key to preventing lower back pain is exercise, says Chris Maher, a health researcher and professor with the George Institute for Global Health at  the University of Sydney. Read MORE on this report HERE As a personal trainer, I am not at all surprised by this study as I’ve had countless clients come to me about their back issues.  Once they began implementing an exercise program into their lifestyle everything changed and repair […]

Exercise and Loving your Job

Did you know one of the secrets to loving your job is exercise?! Perhaps you’re questioning this statement and asking yourself if I am serious, but in a recent study by co-author Elnar B.Thorsteinsson, it has been proven that exercise lowers stress, increases well-being and directly reduces work burnout – which in essence enhances your sense of personal work achievement and pride in your work. So yes, exercise really is one of the secrets to loving your job. Of course exercise goes far beyond improving your appreciation and love for your work – in fact, it improves your overall mind-set, […]

5 Tips on Walking for Exercise; a simple form of exercise.

If you are very new to exercise or haven’t participated in any form of exercise for more years than you can remember, I highly recommend you begin with walking.  It is after all a natural form of movement that most of us were born to do – your body automatically knows how to move – most of us walk without needing to think about it.  And if you suffer from any form of arthritis, walking is a simple and very beneficial form of exercise for you to do. All the essentials that you really need is a good, supportive pair […]

5 Simple Tips on How to find Important Time as a Parent

As promised, at the end of last week’s blog, I said I would write about making important “ME” time this week. But before I begin, if you recall, last week I wrote 5-tips on how to deal with Back to School stress.  Did you accomplish a tip?  How was the first ‘back-to-school’ week in your household? Now where was I?  Oh yes.  If you like guidance tips, you’re in luck as this is how I am going to format today’s blog. Get a Schedule Calendar: Take a look at your calendar and pick a time frame that you are going […]

See how easy you can get rid of lower back pain once and for all!

I know, you get up in the morning and your back feels like it is about to break. Or, you’ve been sitting in your comfy sofa at the end of the day, you go to get up, “OUCH”, you feel pain, especially in your lower back. You’re not alone. The world is being flooded with people complaining of lower back issues. But wait, here are 3 simple solutions that I would like to share with you.  I know there are countless other ways to help back pain, but I feel it is important to keep it easy & simple. By providing you […]

What is T.B.T.B.C?

WHAT IS T.B.T.B.C?? (The Body Transformation Bootcamp Challenge by Body Business) Well, let me break it down for you into two simple categories…. What it is not: 45 minutes of non-stop exercises with no rests open to only very fit individuals a competitive atmosphere a room full of people watching you class that never has new ideas and/or exercises a class where you are not felt welcome or greeted class where you are pushed beyond your limits a serious atmosphere were no laughs allowed a place where no support is given for your efforts a judgemental place of fitness What it is: 5 min. […]


Do you find yourself tired all the time? Do you find you are extremely sore after an exercise program? Lacking Energy? Well, I honestly, there are some days I also share these feelings with you. I recently read an excellent an article written by Kurtis Frank that I want to share with you. I’d like to note that I have not added any words or information that is presented in Mr. Frank’s article and give him sole credit.  I am NOT advertising any products.  Please also note this article is simply guideline because… REMEMBER, only YOU can be solely responsible for your own actions and how YOU decide to take care of your body. Unique […]

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