Show yourself love and prioritize time just for yourself.

Show yourself love and prioritize time just for yourself.

If there is anything I really want to coach women on and help you to understand, it’s this, keep things simple and keep moving forward – show yourself love and prioritize time just for yourself.

It’s what helps you to get through those tough days.  It helps you to focus on the more positive things in your life vs the negative, self-draining things.  It’s what helps me to keep looking ahead to potentially amazing opportunities.  It’s what helps me to coach my clients and have them achieve their personal self-care goals. 

AND this year I’ve decided to create a whole new support group that’ll begin in February.  It’s for women over 40 who want to get together once/month to support each other, uplift our spirits, and to experience whole-hearted self-loving empowerment.  I haven’t come up with a name yet, but if you have any ideas, let me know.   

We’re going to get together once a month at a local cafe/restaurant and talk about simple self-care routines; share stories; harness and illuminate self-love, help you focus and get some clarity about those things you want, and release any guilt or fears you had that month.  And if you just want to hang around and do more listening than sharing, then you’re still welcome (I’m an introvert too).  Once I have a date and venue finalized, I’ll send it out to you.  Are you ready?

NOW, to get you started, grab a pen and paper and write down four things you really enjoy/love doing.  It might be hanging out with friends, going for a walk, cooking, something you recently learned…whatever they are, write them down.

Next, write another list of four things you really don’t like doing – you come up with lots of excuses to not do.  It may be doing the dishes, cleaning house, exercising, eating certain foods, driving your kids around to where they need/want to be.  Really be honest here because no one is going to see your list unless you show them.

NOW, pull out your calendar, start looking at dates and put in all four things you love doing. If it’s meeting up with a friend for tea/coffee make sure it’s in your calendar every month on the same day and time and this way it becomes a simple routine that you’ll always remember and look forward to. If it’s visiting a place with family, pencil it in for this year, and if it’s booking in a massage, call and book your appointment while it’s still fresh in your mind.   

Make sure that this year you are doing all of those four things you love doing and you’ll have an amazing year.  What do we do with the list of things we dislike? Stop doing them and if it’s something that has to be done (because dishes are something that has to get done) have someone else do them – hello kids, spouse, partner.

Stop being so available to everyone else and start making yourself more available to you.  Value who you are. 

Keep things more simple this year and focus on you and what you want. Start thinking about those changes that you’d like to make now.  And if you’d like to work on yourself more this year and setting some new and exciting goals then come and join me and other women for the support group I’ll be starting in February and let’s, together, get you where you want – and deserve – to be. 

OR…you can book your virtual call with me.

This is “simplifying life” Tanya.

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