See how easy you can get rid of lower back pain once and for all!

See how easy you can get rid of lower back pain once and for all!

I know, you get up in the morning and your back feels like it is about to break.

Or, you’ve been sitting in your comfy sofa at the end of the day, you go to get up, “OUCH”, you feel pain, especially in your lower back.

You’re not alone.

The world is being flooded with people complaining of lower back issues.

But wait, here are 3 simple solutions that I would like to share with you.  I know there are countless other ways to help back pain, but I feel it is important to keep it easy & simple. By providing you these tools, I know you can find time in your day to include these tips.

1)  WALK:  Did you know this is a very simple exercise that almost everyone can do.  It only takes 15 – 30 min. 2 – 4/days/week.  I recommend you wear supportive running shoes/footwear that have good soles.  Walk with your head in alignment by looking straight ahead, shoulders down & relaxed, and swing your arms in sequence with your legs.  (So grab your co-worker for lunch and have a very productive, fun, and healthy ‘venting’ session)

2)  STRENGTHEN YOUR ABDOMINAL MUSCLES:  And I don’t mean full sit-ups.  Too often people pull on their necks to raise their body-not using their abdominal muscles.  I recommend simple V-sits (relax neck & shoulders), 1/2 sit-ups (Remember, the focus is on your abdominal muscles; use them by contracting and exhaling to slight rise),  plank (variety:  full-whether arms extended or on elbow or plank with knees on ground).


cow cat

Cat & Cow Pose: moving 1 disk at a time; always beginning at tailbone with head being last to move

pese          relief


1 legged stretch: Lie flat on your back, hug your knee making sure to keep your head on floor & shoulders relaxed


Now hug both knees, head on floor & shoulders relaxed

What do you think?

Looks simple & easy right!

I’d love to know how your back is feeling after 2 weeks of adding these simple solutions into your daily lifestyle.

Stay Healthy & Fit,



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