Self-EMPOWERMENT Academy – Are YOU a busy mom with preteen to teenage kids?

Then, Hello and Welcome!  


…Easily finding and making LIFE DEPENDENT time for YOURSELF – even if it’s only ten minutes/day.

…Looking in the mirror and loving every one of your curves, including your Self-Reflection

…A Heightened Self-Confidence that screams, “I LOOK AND FEEL GORGEOUS & SEXY!”

…Discovering a Youthful Vibe and a Healthy Glow.

…Feeling Absolutely Empowered and having a Postive Mindset

…Taking the Guess Work out of How and What to Eat

…An Exercise Plan readily available for you in the palm of your hand, Whenever, Wherever

Gone are the days of coming home tired, exhausted AND stressed

Get ready to discover and live YOUR Transformational Revitalization 

NOW that you joined the Self-Empowerment Academy, 

  • Your weekly tips, motivation, recipes, exercises and virtual talks with Tanya, have lead you to successfully achieving your personal Health, Wellness & Fitness Goals!
  • You’re easily finding “ME” time in your busy mom life to achieve what you want!
  • You’re no longer overwhelmed and over stress!
  • You’re waking up refreshed from a good nights sleep, feeling less irritable and no longer burnt-out!
  • You are no longer stuck or feel alone! 
  • You are continuously feeling EMPOWERED and SUCCESSFUL

Gone is, “Wishing and Wanting”, and you’re NOW living a lifestyle that says, “I’m doing this because I’ve learned how easy and simple it is to do.  Why did I used to tell myself,  “There’s just not enough hours in the day to do something for me!”

Let me ask you,

  • How many weeks/months/years, have YOU been putting off being the woman – mom – that you were meant to be?
  • Do you feel YOU don’t have room or the time to achieve what you want?
  • Do YOU sense overwhelm, stress, sleeplessness, unexplained emotional outbursts, irritations and feel “burnt-out”?
  • Do you feel “stuck”? Nothing is really “wrong” but, nothing seems really “right” either?
  • Maybe there are lots of “wrong” and you’re not sure how to move forward?
  • You wish you would eat better and include some kind of exercise

LISTEN… you might be surprised by how simple it really is to achieve your goals.  All you need is the right plan that’ll work for you and a support system that will keep you moving forward.

LOOK, in order to make room for discovering the richness of Self- Empowerment, Wellness, and a Healthier Lifestyle, you have to let go of your fears and your excuses first.

NEXT, you need to agree that having a plan that’s not going to overwhelm you but instead easily fit your busy schedule and provide you with simple key baby steps, support, motivation, while at the same time not pose a sense of overwhelming in your already busy mom life.

BOTTOM LINE, I talk to many moms – JUST LIKE YOU –  who are,

  • Giving all their time to everyone else but themselves
  • Frustrated
  • Simply exhausted
  • Tired of trying too many programs with zero results
  • Unhappy, Depressed and just don’t know who they are any more or what they want in life
  • Really don’t like who they have become and just stopped thinking about themselves

If you’re reading this, I suspect you already FEEL this way too often.

MAYBE you’ve tried it all and YOU want to make some upbeat changes to the way you feel, but you don’t have the time, energy, or desire to try it all again when you don’t really believe the outcome will be any different.

NOW Fast forward to 30-days into your Self-Empowering Academy…

You’re sticking with your new Empowered vibe, are excited about this being your year, you are totally determined and committed to including a healthy lifestyle, wellness, and making LIFE DEPENDENT time to do what you want…and don’t feel guilty for getting back to doing what you loved to do before you had kids.Get Ready to,

  • Love YOURSELF – your own reflection when you look in the mirror?
  • Easily fit and make 5-minutes of “ME” time happen EVERY DAY in your busy mom life?
  • Vibe a gorgeous, sexy you? 
  • Walk with self-confidence?
  • Easily include movement into your busy mom life?
  • Become an EMPOWERING WOMAN (#MpowEredWoman)?

This is the first truly unique online group coaching monthly mastermind program specifically created for busy moms like yourself.

It’s a coaching mastermind that,

  • Doesn’t place unrealistic goals and/or expectations on you
  • Will not set you up for false hopes
  • Supports and gives you the necessary tools to accomplish and maintain your personal goals
  • Easily fits into your busy mom life
  • Will EMPOWER you every day, every week, every month…ALL YEAR

…to revolutionize YOU into an EMPOWERING WOMEN – MOM – you were always meant to be.  She’s already inside of you, it’s just you’ve lost her somewhere in all the busyness of life.

The Self-Empowering Academy, or SEA, as I like to call it, will help you unlock, unleash and harness your EMPOWERING and Revolutionize tools without feeling guilty or letting your own fears and/or excuses stop you from becoming the Women YOU ARE MEANT TO BE.

YOUR multitasking, list-making busy mom self will discover the beauty, joy, and freedom of an EMPOWERING life while accomplishing your goals without feeling compressed, stressed, overburdened, or hurried.

Only $97/month (that’s less than what you spend on beverages and take out every month)

YES…I WANT THIS (click on Subscribe button below).  You can unsubscribe anytime.

Imagine experiencing the real freedom from just wanting to change things in your life, like your year-long goals, to finally achieving them.  Remember, your attitude really boils down to your thoughts, your feelings and the actions you take.

By joining TODAY your membership rate of $97/month will NEVER increase (academy value $625/month) even as features are added to the SEA and the value increases because you are grandfathered in.


What is included with my SEA – Monthly Membership? (it’s really a Premium Membership)

PLUS…Premium Bonuses,

Distinguished Value

The value of this monthly group membership is over $625 every month. You pay ONLY $97 a month as long as you are a member even as features are added to the SEA which increases the value because you are grandfathered in.

How do I get to access the SEA – Premium Monthly Membership?

I have created a closed Membership Facebook Group Page where you will find all your SEA content and my LIVE Q & A office hours.  Your 30-minute mobile-friendly video exercise programs created – JUST FOR YOU – are sent directly to your email inbox.

Action happens EVERY week as you continue to receive a new exercise workout in your inbox.  BONUS…you’ll have full access to all your workouts.  That’s 360-minutes of exercise videos in your first 90-days!

That’s right, as long as you are enrolled in my Self-Empowerment Academy, you’ll have full access to ALL your video exercise programs (workouts).

You can do your exercise programs in the comfort of your own home at a time that fits your busy schedule.  Maybe a vacation is around the corner or you like going to the gym, you have full access to your programs anywhere, anytime, because all you need is access to Wi-Fi, and YES, Trainerize is mobile friendly!  Gone are the days of not knowing what to do and/or repeating the same exercises over and over again!

BTW – do you know the number one reason women hit plateau’s when they exercise?  It’s because they never change up their exercise routine…they do the same thing all the time.  That’s why no exercise programs I give you are the same.

Join the Self-EMPOWERING Academy NOW 

By joining TODAY your membership rate of $97/month will NEVER increase (academy value is $625/month) even as features are added to the SEA and the value increases because you are grandfathered in.

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