Are YOU Rushed & Stuck on what to make for Lunch?

Are YOU Rushed & Stuck on what to make for Lunch?

Are YOU Rushed & Stuck on what to make for Lunch?

Good Morning.  Do YOU like my hat? (laugh…)

Tanya Otterstein-Liehs here from, inspiring YOU, busy women, to start making important time for yourself by implementing exercise, balanced eating, and developing a positive mindset.

So, how is my important task making planning, that I talked about last week, going for you?  Did you try it out yet, or are you waiting until November?  I’d love to know.

What I’m talking about today is meal planning, more specifically lunch planning.

In the morning are you busy running around trying to get all these things done?  Perhaps you’ve made your kids lunches, or maybe you didn’t make lunch for anybody?  You get to work and you’re starving so you grab whatever is there.

Possibly you head out for lunch or grab a lunch to go and by late afternoon of coarse, you are starving because you had too many carbs for your lunch.

Then you get home – you race home – What are you making for supper?  AGH!!  Next week I’m talking about supper/dinner meal planning….

stress free

Are YOU Rushed & Stuck on what to make for Lunch?  Today I am talking about meal planning for lunches.

Grab a calendar (maybe in the evening), and mark down the different lunches you want to plan out for the week.  Then when you go grocery shopping, you don’t have to wonder what you are going to buy for lunches because you have your list all ready.

Then, in the evening during your workweek, all it is going to take is 15-minutes – YOU know you have 15-mintues – put together that lunch you planned on your calendar.  Grab your lunch bag and put your dry goods in there.  Have your veggies cut in containers, place into the fridge, have your protein base (maybe an egg, or hummus), all those yummy, healthy items – pack all this – your lunch – in the evening.  Then in the morning, all you need to do is grab your lunch and head out the door.

You’re all set, and of coarse, also remember to grab your filled water bottle! (I talked about hydration a few weeks ago)

I would love to help you do some planning.  This is what I need you to do…

…message me in Facebook, or send me an email, I will send you a Complimentary Meal Plan that’s very specific based on your personal factors.

Do YOU want YOUR 7-day Meal Plan?  Then send me an email, message or text me.

Tanya Otterstein-Liehs wishing YOU a wonderful day.  Get out and enjoy this lovely fall day.

Remember, message me TODAY to get your Complimentary 7-day Meal Plan.

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