Processed meat, Sausages, Bacon & linked to Cancer

Processed meat, Sausages, Bacon & linked to Cancer


It’s been all over the news this week.

Processed meats, sausages, bacon, and red meat – carcinogen foods – are linked to causing cancer.

I won’t go to much into details here as you can easily find this all over the world wide web. What the focus of my blog here is, “Where does the meat source come from?”

As I’ve been reading varying reports and it is widely highlighted that processed meat, sausage, bacon and red meat causes cancer, but what I often fail to find is the need to draw attention to how the animals are raised and what they are feed.

Countless farms today inject their livestock with hormones, unneeded antibiotics, feed them GMO grains that are blasted with toxins, and their livestock can be found housed in tight barnyards. Do you not think that consuming meat full of hormones and toxins are the main cause for the rise in cancer? Is this not where the focus should be placed? I strongly believe it needs to be.

I mean, let’s look back 50+years. People smoked and cured their own meat, consumed red meat and ate bacon almost on a daily basis, yet cancer rates were far lower than they exist today. I strongly believe the huge difference is that livestock was grazed on grass fields free of toxins and sprays, they weren’t injected with hormones and other pharmaceutical injectables that you and I both know are one of the true causes of cancer.

Today everyone is either personally dealing with cancer, has a family member, friend, acquaintance, work colleague or associate dealing with cancer. Cancer-causing toxins are found in what we consume, put on and into our bodies, and in the air we breathe.

I am a strong advocate in my on home for consuming livestock that is hormone and antibody-free, organic, free-range and grass feed, and this includes the dairy products that are produced from milk.

I am lucky to live in a city that has a farmers market – finding locally sourced meat – and butchers that only source and sell meat with the same philosophy/beliefs that I value. Yes, I pay more but it’s ‘clean’ and free of toxic causing chemicals! What would you either pay for and feed yourself and your family??

Now, if I wanted to go on I could also talk about all the toxic processed frozen and canned meals, toxic sprayed vegetables and fruits, toxic cleaning products, creams, hair products, and countless other toxic consumables that fill households today – full of cancer causing chemicals – but I won’t because I could write a book on this.

So finally I’ll leave you with this thought.

Make educated choices and choose wisely. If it means spending your hard earned $9.00 on organic milk alone vs purchasing non-organic, cancer-causing milk ($5.00), a bag of potato chips ($2.00; potato fields are sprayed with cancer causing chemicals), a package of cookies ($2.00; can you read all the ingredients & where do they come from) – on what would you rather spend your weekly $9.00? Okay, maybe you don’t drink milk, but what about the choice of spending $4.99 lb. on clean beef or $2.99 lb. on toxic, cancer-causing beef – you know you don’t have to eat meat every day, right?!- and don’t forget about poultry and meat alternatives (check out the sources) ©

I’d like to know your thoughts by commenting below.

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