The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

the power of postive thinking  To fully understand the power of positive thinking you need to live, breathe, and believe in it.  NO one can make you think positive, it has to come from inside of you – wanting and enjoying how it affects your life can be very amazing and beneficial.

Have you ever been around someone and you feel the positive energy that radiates from them; or they seem to always be smiling and finding the good in every situation – often repeating the phrase, “Things could always be worse!” or “There’s always a positive to every situation.”

Positive Thinking = More Energy:  When your emotions, the way you think is positive, you will have more energy.  Feeling positive makes you enjoy what you are doing, it doesn’t drain you.  Have you ever done something you love and feel that you could do it forever?  That’s the power of positive thinking.  Okay, perhaps do not like your job and wish you were doing something else; you can’t imagine anything positive about it.  You need to change your way of thinking from negative to positive.  Feel lucky you have a job; be thankful you have the ability to be able to work;  find something great about it – perhaps you work with some wonderful people or you don’t have to travel to far to get there, or the drive is always beautiful.  Thinking positive about your work will make it more enjoyable to go to.

Positive Energy Builds Resilience:  Trying something new does not always lead to success however, when you think positive you will feel proud that you made the effort to try.  Failure doesn’t seem like such a devastating event, instead you begin to view it as a learning curve – how to improve or what to improve on for next time.  Or maybe someone has said something to you or spoken to you in a way you did not appreciate, you do not like how it makes you feel.  Do you end up struggling with what they said; do their words remain inside your head; you begin questioning yourself; struggle with how negative it makes you feel?  Positive thinking will make you resilient – you will stop taking things so personally, stop fuming or hanging onto negative comments.  Just be thankful you can be and think positive –  you may actually find yourself feeling sorry for all the negative people in the world and who are always so angry and miserable.

Positive Thinking Increases Decision Making:  When you think positive, you are confident about yourself and the decisions you make.  Have you ever hesitated about making a decision because you wonder if it’s good?  Or, does that hesitation really stem from wondering what other people will think?  Why are you second guessing yourself?  Outline all the positive aspects, the positive points and demonstrate this.

Positive Thinking is Infectious:  When you think positive, you radiate positive energy.  People want to be around you because you make them feel happy yet they can’t even understand why – and this doesn’t end with your friends.  Positive thinking is infectious, especially in the workplace.  When you begin to point out great assets and ideas your co-workers have, they feel happier and begin believing in themselves.  Imagine a room full of employees who feel happy, have fun, are proud of what they do and feel appreciated – this is a good, productive working environment.  Now image a room full of glum, complaining, and unhappy co-workers.  Where would you rather work?

Positive Thinking Increases Your Immune System:  Put on your boxing gloves and knock down those infections bugs – viruses.  Yes, believe it or not, when you think positive your immune system becomes stronger, and you are less likely to become infected with a cold or flu virus (of coarse Vitamin C always helps).  When you are fuelled with positive energy your body has an increase ability to fight the common cold that is spreading like wild flower right now.  Maybe you know someone, a friend perhaps, who never seems to get sick.  Every time you are around them you can actually feel their happiness, and it’s contagious just like those viruses, only better.

So there you have it – The Power of Positive Thinking.  ©

How are you thinking right now?

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