Personal Training: Characteristics and Benefits of a Good Trainer

Personal Training: Characteristics and Benefits of a Good Trainer

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Oh, sorry, I got caught up with the photo-actually the warm sunshine because as I right this, it’s 6:00am, it’s winter outside, and the sun has yet to come out!  Don’t get me wrong, I do love winter.  Yes, I’ll take a real winter any day where it’s cold, the snow glistens everywhere, and the sun shines so bright as it reflects off the snow, over the dreary, dark & damp, wet mild winter temperatures!

Now, back on topic.

You’re wondering about 1-on-1 Personal Training.  What to look for when searching for a good trainer, and of coarse, there are the benefits (that’s what today’s blog is about).

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Characteristics of a Good Trainer:

  1. Understanding of Goals:  By this I mean your trainer needs to fully be aware of your own specific goals and stick to helping you achieve them and not what they think you want.  Remember, you are paying your trainer to help you reach YOUR goals, not their own personal goals. 
  2. Knowledgeable:  Make sure your trainer is properly educated and has credentials; ask to see their certifications.  They should continuously be taking yearly courses, keep up-to-date and be knowledgeable on fitness & health issues, including the latest trends.
  3. Caring & Patient:  These go hand-in-hand.  Your trainer needs to care about both your mind & body, putting your needs before theirs; encourage and celebrate with you each step, no matter how big or small.  They need to understand not everyone is the same; when & how you achieve results will greatly vary from client-to-client.  And personally, I wouldn’t want a trainer who is screaming at me and not understanding when I’ve had enough.  I would much prefer a trainer who knows & can read when I’m ready to collapse, or when I can workout few more minutes.
  4. Your Time is Their Time:  100% of your trainer’s time with you needs to be 100% fully focused on you!  This means, not checking, talking on, texting, or paying attention to their cell phone; in fact, they shouldn’t even have their cell phone with them; respect & professionalism.   And the clock, your trainer better not be constantly checking the time and counting down the minutes to when your session is finished.  Where is your personal trainer’s focus?  It better be on you!
  5. BE a good fit:  Whether you choose to train for 1/2 or a full hour, both your trainer and yourself need to be a good fit.  Are you comfortable with your trainer? If you’re not into body building, why are you seeking a trainer who body builds; do you see yourself like them?  You need to have a good rapport and although some may disagree, I personally feel having a basic friendship form is a good thing.  Understanding that your trainer has your best interest at hand, is your sounding block, supports, motivates, and stands beside you, is key.
  6. Refund Policy:  Does your trainer have a refund policy?  No matter what time frame your contract is for, 3, 6, 12+ months, if there is a rift, you’re no longer comfortable with your trainer, medical issues have caused you to immediately stop exercising, a good trainer will thank you for allowing them to train with you and refund all remaining paid sessions back to you (give you your money back).

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Benefits of a Good Trainer:

  1. Copy of Programs with Notes:  After each one of your sessions, your trainer will give you a copy of your workout (exercises) with notes.  These notes will include an explanation of the exercises, how to execute them, any modifications, or changes that were made to the exercises.  Your trainer will also have a copy of each session to look back on for progress logging.
  2. Variety of exercises:  You won’t be bored by the same repetitive exercise.  Your trainer will give you a different program each time you train with them; your body will not hit a plateau due to this variety. 
  3. Improved Fitness Levels will be monitored:  Through observation and notes, your trainer will acknowledge how & when your next fitness levels are advancing; guiding and keeping your goals achievable, attainable, and realistic.  It’s very rewarding to see how your body & mind can advance level.
  4. Guidance on Fitness, Eating, and Lifestyle:  A trainer can also guide you on a healthier lifestyle; provide eating plans; exercise schedules; and rest schedules.  No need for guessing when it’s all laid out for you.
  5. Realistic Goals:  Too many times people set up countless goals that are unrealistic, unattainable, and do not make sense.  A trainer can guide on a SMART system, and help you stay on track one small step & goal at a time.  Remember it can easily take 30 days to achieve and maintain 1 simple goal.

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