Passion & Positive Thinking Lead to Greatness

Passion & Positive Thinking Lead to Greatness

3361b5e1  How we begin our day and how we end it sets the tone on our thinking.  Are our dreams to reach the highest peak on a mountain?  Strive for greatness?  Pick up enough nerve to say hello to the stranger you walk by everyday?  Or is it simply to make it through the day?

For those of you who already know me, I am a strong believer in faith, positive thinking, listening to your gut feelings, and showing your passions.

Yes, I know, some may say they do think positive and nothing good ever comes their way, just negative, ‘bad’ things.  But how true are these positive thoughts?

Do you find yourself here?  Do you truly, full hearted, feel the positive energy inside of yourself?  When you envision what you want to see happen, how strongly do you believe in this vision?

Are you grateful for the things around you when you wake up?  Do you see & feel positive things happening in the near future?

I do.  And guess what, it is all happening.

No one can place an exact time line on when these positive things will happen, but I have personally experienced them and continue to see them happen.

Take my business for example.  When I speak to people, and/or clients and participants say they can feel my passion I have for health & fitness.  Well, that’s because I do.  I LOVE WHAT I DO!  My passion comes naturally.  If I can end the day with changing someone’s life; begin them traveling on a road they have only dreamed about; have them implement one small change-then my love & passion has showed.

If I can help guide someone in changing the way they feel about exercise & themselves to a positive light; make them feel proud of their achievements; make them feel proud of who they are, in taking the first step, then I have done my job.  But really, it is NOT a job, it is my love & passion.

Over the last few months, I have envisioned things happening in many aspects of my life.  For Body Business, my vision has been to begin helping people add fitness to their life, and not because they know it is good for them, but because they see it is fun and can change their life in many more ways then they ever thought.  My vision is to have each person spread/share their new found love with others, and this is happening.  Things are growing, blooming (yes, even though snow is falling on the ground as I write this blog), my Love, Passion, and Positive Thinking is flourishing.

By the way, yes, I do need to thank all my Body Business Team Participants, for helping me share my positive wealth; I truly know it is the passion that is growing inside of each one of them that is shining, and giving them a very healthy glow, making them want to lead and travel on positive roads ahead.

If there are 2 things you can do today for yourself, and me, no just kidding, it’s

  1. Envision & truly feel the beauty of positive thinking
  2. Write down 5 things you are grateful for and
  3. (I know, I only said 2) You know that person you pass by every day and you each ignore one another, I want you to smile and warmly say, “Hello”, “Good Morning”, or  “Good Day”, to them.  Perhaps they’ll respond, perhaps they won’t, but tune into how good it makes you feel inside.

Loving how I’m feeling right now as I write this blog.

Don’t let the positive energy & feeling end following your reading this blog.

Take the next step.

I’d love for you to comment below on how you felt and spread positive thinking, your love & your passion today, yesterday, and for all tomorrow’s.

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