Paris Tragedy and the Importance of Family & Friends

Paris Tragedy and the Importance of Family & Friends


The World is devastated by the recent events that have taken place in Paris, France.

But what you must not forget is that tragedy is all around us – innocent lives are so brutally taken away by actions that we ourselves do not understand or stand by.

Many people have taken a social media stand voicing their opinions or protesting their anger through various posts and/or updating their profiles with a country’s flag.

But what I do not understand is how these same people (YOU) can walk away from the tragedy that is happening in their (YOUR) own backyard, down the street, and in their (YOUR) own city.

Take a look at all the homeless people in your city – do you help them out or look down on them and walk away? Do you take a stand and say that something needs to be done to help them out? Have you taken a few minutes out of your busy life and asked a homeless person their name or how they got here? Often you will find they were very successful but lost everything due to job loss! How about giving them your support by ‘gifting’ them a helpful kit containing a warm winter hat, warm mittens, socks, a blanket, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, lip balm, hand cream, bandaids, crackers, water, nuts, throat candies – just to to list some items that you can place in these kits (we have a few kits already made here at home that we are going to keep in our vehicle and ready to hand out).

How about volunteering your time?! I’m a strong advocate for this and donate – volunteer – 2-hours a week.

And what about your own family and your friends? How much time has passed since you last spoke with your family members and dear friends? If their life was so suddenly taken away from them would you find yourself – blame yourself – for not taking the time to talk with them more often? For not getting together with them more often? Heck with all the FREE technology that exists today (SKYPE, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc) YOU have no excuse to not ‘personally’ speak with them! Or do you?? What are you waiting for? Take a step, a stand, and be the one with passion – you showed it for Paris didn’t you – pick up and just say “HELLO – Hello…it’s me…I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…To go over everything…They say that time’s supposed to heal ya, but I ain’t done much healing…(

Yes, as I write you my blog today, I do think about the tragedy in Paris, in Haiti, in Africa – all over the world. I fear for our children and all future generations. Will there be a future generation? I mean look at our environment and the global disasters that are happening – and it’s only going to get worse! But this is a whole topic on its own!

What are YOUR thoughts?

Take a stand TODAY and share your thoughts by commenting below NOW.

Share my #blog with others so they can put together a few kits for homeless people in their city, town, their village.


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