Overeating. Who hasn’t been there!?

Overeating. Who hasn’t been there!?


Who hasn’t been there?!

You know, when you just keep on eating; not listening to YOUR body signals to stop eating; and you end up feeling like crap!


If YOU listen to YOUR body and really pay attention to,

  • What you are eating
  • How it really tastes
  • The speed you’re eating

…you will realize¬†when you are 80% full.

The 80% – 20% Rule of How YOU Eat is what I’m covering today.

And how to ensure you do not continue to overeat.

I’d love you to message me if I can answer any questions you have on exercise, healthy eating, and developing a positive mindset. ¬†And if you have a mate who also has questions, I’d be happy to address them.


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