Waterloo Women’s Fitness Class

Waterloo Women’s Fitness Class

I combine Mindset, Exercises and Coaching for you to discover and experience Postive Personal Growth (well-being), Self-Love, and Self-Confidence to Transform YOU into an Empowering Women.

Waterloo’s first and only fitness coaching class where movement – exercise – is combined with mind-shifts to create Self-Love & Self-Empowerment.  Love the way YOU look in your Body, Feel Self-Worthy, Self-Confident and Desirable Again. 

You’ve discovered a personal transformation unfold with improved self-confidence, self-love, nicely toned arms, a smaller dress size, rebound energy and a brighter smile that never fades.  You experience first-hand a heightened attraction between your significant other and yourself – like when you first met.  Your family is so proud of you, you’ve become a happier person, you’re enjoying life, and you’re full of zest.

Finally, live with,

  • Endless Energy
  • Self-Confidence, Self-Love, and Self-Worth
  • Feeling Relaxed and NOT Stressed 24/7
  • Revitalization
  • Dropping up to 10-lbs. in as little as 30-days
  • The Pleasures of a SEXY, Revamped, Proud YOU!

…backed by my GUARANTEED results!

Shape Shift Sessions are Waterloo’s FIRST fun, specifically designed positive mindset, exercise & transformation class for women.

Feel self-confident wearing your favourite sexy jeans again (You know, the jeans you have hidden at the back of your closet right now).  Fast forward 30-days and you’ll be wearing those jeans with confidence as they easily slip over your hips, your behind, and hug all your curves just the right way.  The jeans you’ve been waiting to fit into “one day…you’ll be wearing them again and feeling absolutely sexy in them (and yes, how sexy your behind looks!)

Oh, and that long sleeve bulky sweater you always wore on top of your sleeveless tops, you’ve left it at home because your “bat wings” are now transformed into nicely toned and shaped arms.

When & Where:

  • 10-in class sessions + BONUS 5-video workouts = 15-sessions total
  • *NEW* location coming
  • Tuesday’s & Thursday’s
  • *NEW* time: 7:00 pm – 7:45 pm
  • two class options below – 40-day Customized Meal Plan or no Meal Plan

*NEW* Morning Classes beginning in November

Jenn, she’s already lost over 20-lbs, and counting, in 3-monthsTracy, has already dropped over 3-dress sizes, in just under 6-months 

What is Shape Shift Session?

It’s a FUN coached group fitness class where YOU’LL experience endless energy, overall body toning, maximized fat-burning, with an increase in your self-confidence, flexibility, and discovering self-love and while loving how you look in your clothes.

This coaching class welcomes women of all fitness levels who live in Waterloo Region and are ready to become revitalized & re-energize, shift their shape and are ready to give themselves permission to make vital time for themselves and even take on the world!

My coaching group classes are…

Let me get straight to the point…

LOOK, JUST LIKE YOU, I’m a busy mom, wife, and I totally understand how you feel there are just not enough hours in a day; you’re stressed, exhausted, and well, let’s face it, there are some days your hormones can get totally out of wack…hello roller coaster emotions!

Oh, and the older I get, my body keeps changing.  Does this sound familiar?

And then…Michelle, who has run her first ever 5-km racetestimonials

Kathy, decreased her mid-line and has no problem reaching up anymore

Kathy, who has gained self-worth and increase her flexibility

YOUR Revolutionized Body Shape and Mind-Shift begins with
a FREE week.  No need to make a payment right away.  Try before you buy :).


  • Become the EMPOWERED Women you’re always meant to be
  • Make heads turn when YOU walk into a room
  • Walk taller with a heightened Self-confidence
  • Show off your smaller waist
  • Defined Toned arms for sleeveless tops and dresses
  • Show off YOUR Sexy new curves – you’ve worked hard for them!
  • Feel Revitalized and Energized, ready to tackle YOUR busy morning-to-night schedule – good-bye afternoon crash and gain self-confidence to help you deal with your daily events



Here’s how to get started.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to fill out your application form for a FREE Week Session class pass…

1.  After you fill out your application form, click on the SUBMIT button.

2.  Once I receive your filled out the application form, I will review it and contact you at the time you indicated.

3.  During our conversation, I will give you full details about your FREE week, along with answer any of your questions.

When & Where:

  • 10-in class sessions + BONUS 5-video workouts = 15-sessions total
  • *NEW* location coming
  • Tuesday’s & Thursday’s
  • *NEW* time: 7:00 pm – 7:45 pm
  • two class options below – 40-day Customized Meal Plan or no Meal Plan

With 40-day Customized Meal Plan,
$149.00, every 5-weeks

Without 40-day Customized Meal Plan,
$97.00, every 5-weeks


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Don’t let YOUR Excuses and Fears Stop YOU from making this LIFE DEPENDENT important decision!

Women of all fitness levels, sizes and ages are gaining great results and YOU can too!


“I love Tanya’s Fitness Class and I can’t express enough how great I feel after every workout! Tanya is very passionate about fitness and brings an enormous amount of enthusiasm and positive energy to every session. I’m the first to admit that I had reservations about joining as I am very overweight and out of shape but Tanya is a warm person and has created a relaxed environment making everyone feel comfortable no matter what level of fitness you are at. She makes fitness classes fun & motivates me to get those results I so desperately want to achieve. If there is an exercise I cannot do, then she will suggest one that I can handle. I wear my polar monitor to every workout and burn on average 800-900 calories per session! If you are serious about getting into shape and changing your life for the better, then Tanya is the perfect person to help you achieve this!”   Denise

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