Are you drowning in overwhelm, stress and can’t keep up with the day-to-day things? You’re busy running around here, there, and everywhere, your job is taking more hours of your day than you wish, and then on top of that, you have kids.  You never have any time just for yourself and are the last on your list to actually take care of what you want.

YES, I hear you and here’s how I help.

A 6-hour personalized VIP One-on-One Customized Coaching Day will take place in a safe space.  We get our heads down for six hours to fully focus on you and come up with a clear plan just for you that lays out all the actionable steps and guidelines you need to create that perfect work/life balance, wellness and harmony that you’ve been craving for in your busy life  – Achieving your BEST SELF & BELIEVING in Yourself.  

During your six hour VIP session, I’ll create a clear plan with success strategies and tools that’ll get from where you are right now, today,  to where you want to be – GUARANTEED.

Don’t waste any more time or money on courses that are full of false promises and stop looking any further.  Instead, let’s get specific and build your life around you and your particular needs.  Set aside six hours just for you and your VIP Coaching Day with me.   A true awakening experience to get you on your path to living a life with more freedom, happiness, harmony, and better health!

Get ready to discover a transformation,

  • Minimize stress in your life, with more time to be a happier woman – a happier mom, wife, life partner
  • Gain clarity with a plan that fits your busy schedule
  • Experience an awakening and positive recharge with your body, mind & soul
  • Become unstuck and gain access to the necessary tools you need to repair and improve your quality of life – gone are the days of feeling overwhelmed
  • A positive life-changing focused plan will be unlocked to help you manifest your  dreams, goals, and ambitions
  • Your true best self will come out of hiding and you’ll begin to flourish, grow, and blossom once again

An investment in yourself to acknowledge your personal re-vitalization, and transformation evolutional are worth it – YOU deserve this!

A clear plan, specifically customized, and completely focused on your life and schedule that gives you a life with a balance, less stress and still find time for the important people in your lives…btw, this includes making vital time for yourself.  Nothing cookie-cutter here!  

I believe in taking focused action and creating results that fit your lifestyle.  Listen to and focus on you, what the most important aspects of your life are and map out a clear actionable plan and begin experiencing results right away.

Four weeks following your VIP day, we’ll virtually connect and celebrate your new work/life balance and your wins.

  • So, if you are ready to,
  • Revitalize your life & manifesting a positive life
  • Transform your mindset, body, life & wellness
  • Regain your self-confidence and find that sexy, youthful, re-energized self
  • Love who you are and your own reflection when you look in the mirror
  • Have clarity and reduce the daily stress in your life
  • Take healthy actions
  • Ditch self-sabotaging thoughts and actions
  • Awaken the unique Woman who’s been hiding far too long inside

How Much?  When does my VIP Coaching take place?

YOUR VIP Day can be taken anytime between now and December 2019.  So maybe you want to start today or wait until May to get you ready for the summer.  Or you may decide to take it before you head off for a Spring vacation.

Before we meet in person, we’ll chat virtually to find out what your goals are, what you want to achieve and where you want to get to in 2019.  Then we’ll book our day together where we get our heads down, get focused, and create a personal plan that works for you.

Normally you would pay $2000 for this VIP day, but instead, you’re SAVING yourself more than $1000 with my “2019 Fresh Start” offer.

Nab one of the few spots I still have available in 2019 for only $997.

Click the button now to secure your VIP spot and I look forward to meeting and helping you find the clarity, and plan you need to get you where you deserve to be this year.




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