Self-EMPOWERMENT Academy – Are YOU a busy woman, a busy mom?

Let me ask you,  

  • How many weeks/months/years, have YOU been putting off being the woman – mom – that you were meant to be?
  • Do you feel YOU don’t have the room or the time to achieve what you want – to go after your goals?
  • Do YOU sense overwhelm, stress, sleeplessness, unexplained emotional outbursts, irritations and feel “burnt-out”?
  • Do you feel “stuck”? Nothing is really “wrong” but, nothing seems really “right” either?
  • Maybe there are lots of “wrong” and you’re not sure how to move forward?

OR perhaps you’ve decided,

  • You are ready to go from envisioning your goals to actually achieving them.
  • To live a healthy lifestyle and you’ve started exercising and eating healthier.
  • To be excited because you feel committed to stick with it.  

BUT…You might be surprised by the number of excuses, fears, and unnecessary stuff, like negative thoughts, that end up taking your “ME” time and mindset space in your life.  

LOOK, in order to make room for discovering the richness of Self- Empowerment, Wellness, and a Healthier Lifestyle, you have to let go of your fears and your excuses first.

NEXT, you need to have a plan that is going to fit your schedule and provide you with simple key baby steps, support, motivation, while at the same time not pose a sense of overwhelming in your already busy mom life.

BOTTOM LINE, I talk to many busy women – JUST LIKE YOU –  who are,

  • Frustrated
  • Simply exhausted
  • Tired of trying too many programs with zero results
  • Unhappy, Depressed and just don’t know who they are any more or what they want in life
  • Just going with the flow, dejected, and not thinking about themselves

If you’re reading this, I suspect you are facing these emotions or have felt this way too often already.  

MAYBE you’ve tried it all and YOU want to make some upbeat changes to the way you feel, but you don’t have the time, energy, or desire to try it all again when you don’t really believe the outcome will be any different.

So you’ve finally made the decision that you’re going to stick with it.

You’re excited about this being your year.  

You feel committed to making this the year that includes a healthy lifestyle, balanced eating, wellness, and exercise.  

So you head to your local gym and purchase your membership.  You’ve got your grocery store list and healthy recipes all ready to go.  You’re determined to get back to doing something you loved to do before you had kids. 

Fast forward to 90-days later…

…Your too exhausted with schedules and can’t even imagine trying to find time for yourself – there’s just not enough hours in the day!  You are no longer heading to the gym.  Well, okay, I shouldn’t say, “NEVER”, you’ve gone at least 3 times since you signed up.  You got tired of looking for healthy recipes, found it too difficult to stick with Protein Shakes, Smoothies, Paleo, Keto, and/or Clean Eating, not to mention, some meals just take far to long to prepare and cook.

LOOK, if you had to be honest with yourself,

  • Life is just too busy between work, kids, deadlines, house cleaning, laundry…
  • You’re too tired at the end of the day to have to drive all the way to the gym 
  • All these *NEW* eating habits you try are far more stressful and harder to maintain than the health guru’s say
  • It’s hard enough to wake up at 6:00 am and get ready for work, forget about getting up any earlier
  • You’ve lost interest in the gym you joined, are so bored of the same exercises, you don’t know what to do while you are there AND by the time you get changed, drive to the gym, exercise, shower, and drive home again, almost two hours have disappeared!

By day 45 you’re done with the plan you had and it’s on the back burner until…?  Next time, “Hello New Year’s Resolutions” (once again).

Every day you go through a similar routine,

  • Thinking about what needs to get done
  • Rushing around to their various functions, events and your kids’ extra-curricular activities
  • Trying to meet work deadlines
  • Figuring out how to stay organized
  • Wishing and wanting to achieve your goals continues…

Do YOU Feel,

  • Like you just don’t have the room or the time in your busy life to achieve what you want?
  • Overwhelmed with stress, suffer from lack of sleep, sometimes have unexplained emotional outbursts (agh…hormones), feel irritable and “burnt-out”?
  • “Stuck”! “Alone”! Nothing is really “wrong” but, nothing seems really “right” either?
  • OR maybe there’s lots of “wrong’s” and you’re not sure how to move forward?

Gone is, “I’m going to do this!”, and back is “Wishing and Wanting”,

  • Time for myself – YOURSELF – even if it’s just 5-minutes of vital “ME TIME”
  • To LOVE your reflection instead of nit-picking everything about yourself
  • Wearing an outfit that screams, “I LOOK GORGEOUS & SEXY!”

Get ready to,

  • Love YOURSELF – your own reflection when you look in the mirror
  • Make 5-minutes of “ME” time happen EVERY DAY in your busy life
  • Vibe a gorgeous, sexy you 
  • Walk with self-confidence
  • Have time to move your body (exercise)
  • Be an EMPOWERING WOMAN (#MpowEredWoman)
  • Be happy and enjoy life again

This is the first truly unique online group coaching monthly mastermind program specifically created for busy women like yourself.

It’s a group coaching mastermind that,

  • Doesn’t place unrealistic goals and/or expectations on you
  • Will not set you up for false hopes
  • Supports and gives you the necessary tools to accomplish and maintain your personal goals
  • Easily fits into your busy, and sometimes complicated, life
  • Will EMPOWER you every day, every week, every month…ALL YEAR

…to revolutionize YOU into an EMPOWERING WOMEN – MOM – you were always meant to be.  She’s already inside of you, it’s just you’ve lost her somewhere in all the busyness of life.

The Self-Empowering Academy, or SEA, as I like to call it, will help you unlock, unleash and harness your EMPOWERING and Revolutionize tools without feeling guilty or letting your own fears and/or excuses stop you from becoming the Women YOU ARE MEANT TO BE.

YOUR multitasking, list-making busy self will discover the beauty, joy, and freedom of an EMPOWERING life while accomplishing your goals without feeling compressed, stressed, overburdened, or hurried.

YES…I WANT IN (click on Subscribe button)

Imagine experiencing the real freedom from just wanting to change things in your life – like your year-long goals – finally achieving them.  Remember, your attitude really boils down to your thoughts, your feelings and the actions you take.

By joining TODAY your membership rate of $97/month will NEVER increase (academy value over $900/month) even as features are added to the SEA and the value increases because you are grandfathered in.

What is included in my SEA – Premium Monthly Membership?

PLUS…Premium Bonuses included,

Distinguished Value

The value of this monthly group membership is over $900 per month. You pay $97 a month as long as you are a member even as features are added to the SEA which increases the value because you are grandfathered in.

How do I get to access the SEA – Premium Monthly Membership?

I have decided to keep things simple and uncomplicated for you.

89% of Facebook users are women in our age range (35 – 55-years of age), with an average of 20 – 40-daily minutes being spent here, so I have created a closed Facebook Group Page where you will find all the content, and my Q & A office hours.

Your 5 – 20-minute video exercise programs, will also be in this group so you’ll have access to them all the time.  And what’s so awesome about this?  EVERY month I add a new exercise workout and stretch session.

That’s right, as long as you are enrolled in my Self-Empowerment Academy, you’ll have full access to ALL your exercise workouts and stretch sessions.

You can do your exercise programs in the comfort of your own home at a time that fits your busy schedule. Maybe a vacation is around the corner, you can still exercise there and if you like going to the gym, you’ll have full access to your programs anywhere there is WiFi.  Gone are the days of not knowing what to do or repeating the same exercises over and over again!

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By joining TODAY your membership rate of $97/month will NEVER increase (academy value over $900/month) even as features are added to the SEA and the value increases because you are grandfathered in.

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