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ONLINE Training & Coaching

ONLINE Training & Coaching

My online Health, Wellness & Movement Coaching is specifically designed for YOU in mind – a busy Woman – to start Believing in Yourself and magnify positive mindfulness in YOUR Body & Mindset for Wellness to Flourish

Raise your hand if YOU…

  • have a gym membership and/or joined weight loss clinics
  • tried video fitness program’s or attempted the latest diet and/or fitness trend
  • done the “Fat-Loss” diet and/or meal replacement shakes
  • noticed it’s a lot easier to gain weight than it is losing weight


  • you complain instead of love yourself
  • your self-confidence is lost
  • your self-worth…it’s long gone
  • you’ve gone from feeling and dressing sexy…to…feeling and dressing frumpy, big, baggy clothing instead of outfits that show off your amazing curves

YOU always seem to have…

  • good intentions to start, but your life is so crazy!
  • difficulty staying Accountable to your goals
  • a hard time getting in a workout or going to the gym
  • your Motivation disappear within 45-days
  • failed at with diets, shakes, and DVD’s
  • thoughts/excuses that tell yourself you’ll try again next week, next month, next year

You’ve decided these are ONLY quick solutions and you end up failing – YOUR weight doesn’t seem to budge, maybe you even end up putting more weight on; you get easily bored; and as your life becomes increasingly busy – YOUR Health, Exercise, and Wellness Goals get left behind and forgotten.

Dawn’s Testimonial:DawnBUT the voice inside your head says, “My Life Is…”

  • Stressful
  • I’m limited on “ME” time 
  • my family is busy with so many extra-curricular activities
  • CRAZY…I’m trying to hold my household together and keep everyone’s schedule straight

Remember the foods you ate when you were in your 20’s and 30’s – it wasn’t a big deal and no evidence showed up on your body – but NOW, pending on what you eat,

  • it settles on YOUR body like glue
  • extra ‘soft’ bulk sits around YOUR midsection
  • YOUR behind is widening
  • YOUR arms are flabby
  • YOUR pant & dress size keeps going up
  • and YOUR energy level is drastically dropping

And on top of all this maybe there are times you really want to eat something, you crave it, then give in only to end up feeling bloated and guilty because you don’t know if you’ll be able to fit into your next season’s clothes.  

Or maybe you have a big event coming up and you want to look great so you cut back on portion sizes; you say, “No, thank you,” to dessert; and you starve yourself only to end up grouchy, miserable, and ready to scream when you step on the scale because it hasn’t budged!

And NOW comes one of the best parts,

red dollar signYOUR Busy Life Transformation program

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I’m a full-time working mom and wife who experiences very similar stresses and frustrations that YOU do, and it’s utterly IMPORTANT to both my Family and to Myself to find a Healthy Balance that works.

As a Fitness Professional, Health, Nutrition & Wellness Coach, I need to let YOU know that , it’s NOT about starving yourself, cutting out all the foods that you love, exercising for 1 hour 5 days a week, or making extreme sacrifices okay, the only small sacrifice you’re going to make is taking a small amount of time – 30-minutes – that you normally dedicate to your family (and others) and you’re going to dedicate it to yourself instead.  So, you see, it is in fact, the exact opposite of what you may have thought.  

alarm clockWomen – JUST LIKE YOU – in your exact same situation finally decided to take Action; to take as little as 30-minutres to Transform their Life.  

Are YOU Ready to…

  • Experience immediate RESULTS
  • Improve YOUR Shape
  • Improve YOUR Energy
  • Improve YOUR Self-image
  • Improve YOUR Self-worth
  • Find YOUR ‘SEXY’ Self and Groove again

…all in as little as 8-weeks!

Then this is program is for you!!

Kathy’s Testimonial can be YOU…Kathy

Or does Carol’s Testimonial sound more like YOU…

 “My motivation for starting with Tanya’s training program was how I was feeling in general.  The middle age spread was spreading; my mobility was becoming limited; constant feeling of tiredness; and a lack of interest in doing anything.  My customized program from Tanya is great.  What I really appreciate about working with Tanya is how she is so intuitive.  In the past I had never enjoyed exercise, that is until I began Tanya’s program.  Now I enjoy exercising and am staying with it.”- Carol

My Online Life Transformation Coaching Program has worked for so many women, and it can work for YOU.  Let me explain why.

YOUR Customised ONLINE 8-Week Coaching is,

  • Uncomplicated, Simple
  • Easy to follow
  • Specifically developed based on YOUR own Goals, YOUR Age, Weight, Height, and Dietary Needs
  • Tailored Workout programs based on YOUR Fitness level with accompanying exercise demonstration videos
  • Time Efficient
  • and will Fit into YOUR busy Lifestyle

No more countless hours working out at the gym or starving yourself with hunger pains.


“I love Tanya’s program and I can’t express enough how great I feel after every workout! Tanya is very passionate about fitness and brings an enormous amount of enthusiasm and positive energy to every workout she creates for me and during each one of our SKYPE sessions.  I wear my polar monitor during every workout and burn 800-900 calories! If you are serious about getting into shape and changing your life for the better – FOREVER – then Tanya’s program is the perfect choice to help you achieve this!”   Denise

“Tanya is a great trainer with great motivation. She is very knowledgeable about my fitness level so specifically customizes what is best for my body.  Her program gives me amazing energy and the variety of exercises targets my entire body. Tanya demonstrates and is very in tune with what my body can do and my energy levels.  Tanya shares many stress relief exercises that I can easily implement into my everyday life.  I highly recommend Tanya’s program for your life!”  Sarah

Sounds Great so far, but what’s included in this program?

Not ONLY that but also this,


red dollar sign

Purchase your 8-Week program NOW
 $497 Value Investment

Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?
Absolutely.  I have held nothing back in creating this Online Training & Coaching Program and want YOU to feel absolutely amazing.  If you follow your Customized Program 95% of the time you will achieve your goals and that’s why I stand behind my 60-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.  All I ask is that you explain to me why you weren’t completely satisfied with your program, and I will refund your purchase.    

How long are the workouts?  
You’re probably strapped for time and have a very busy life between your work and your kids – Who has a full 60-minutes to work-out right!

With YOUR 8-Week Customized Program, you can do your exercises in as little as 30-minutes and you’re done for the day.

Will each Customized Exercise Program be the same?
No.  Each one of YOUR work-outs will be different – this will prevent YOUR body from hitting a plateau.

Details? What happens before I begin my Program?
Before you begin YOUR
8-Week Best Shape of YOUR Life Transformation program I will be emailing you a detailed outline explaining and highlighting everything about YOUR Customized Program and how it works – this makes it will be easier for you to get started right away.  But of course, if you’ve already SKYPE’ed with me during you already know the finer details.

So, WHO exactly is this Program for…

final for sales page

I have worked with many different personal trainers, and have tried so many different fad diets, and programs promising weight loss that I care to mention, but with Tanya my success is the best!  During every workout I always feel great from the endorphins.  My family and friends have commented on my ‘sudden’ positive attitude, and confidence that they haven’t seen for a long time, but seen since beginning Tanya’s program my life is changing for the better!  I recommend the true value you’ll receive with Tanya’s program.”  Bernice

So That’s it.

A simple, comprehensive, easily outlined and easy to follow Program.

90288474I guarantee if you follow 95% of this program you will achieve at least one your goals because I stand behind my  60-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.  If any time during your 60-days you’re not achieving one of your stated goals, I’ll happily refund you your entire investment.  No hoops to jump through.  All I ask is that you explain why you weren’t completely satisfied by the program, and I’ll respond with a courteous refund.

If you’re ready to be Energized, become Trim and feel Amazing, then my
Best Shape of YOUR Life Transformation Program is for you.

Look 2-months from now you could be nothing more than older and the same 40+-year-old tired and stuck self, or you can be more Trim, Energized, Sleeping Better, and Feeling Sexy!

Begin feeling better the minute you click the purchase button below and get started on Repairing YOURSELF TODAY.

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