Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness Programs

“The enormous increase in health insurance premiums is costing Canadian businesses an average of 35 billion dollars every year due to 35 million lost workdays, lost productivity, negative health statuses, and the epidemic rise in obesity-related illnesses.” — Global Business and Economic Round Table

Workplace Wellness Programs – from increased employee productivity, to decreases staff absenteeism, improved morale & overall health & well‐being of employees – make YOUR business unique.

Because each business is unique and different, I will ask management what their specific goals are; what they seek, want, and feel their employees need; how will they benefit the most for managing success through a Workplace Wellness Program.

What are the benefits of my Workplace Wellness Programs?

  • Stress reduction, clarity & focus
  • Improved general health with decline in health care & disability costs
  • More alert and productive employees
  • Improved quality of life in the work environment
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Vitality & improved moral
  • More harmonious working environment
  • Higher self-awareness, self-image, self-management, overall well-being
  • Fulfillment & increase of staff engagement
  • Improved morale & attitude of employees

Examples of on-site programs offered by Body Business?

Lunch & Learn Workshops – 60 minute facilitated discussion including Q&A or Combined 30 minute discussion with Q&A followed by 30 minutes workout

  1. Health Education Seminars and/or Coaching
  2. Topics for Lunch & Learn Workshops (but not limited to)
    *  Weight and/or Fat Loss
    *  Eating & Nutrition
    *  Pain Management linked to a Sedentary Lifestyle
    *  Homemade meals for a busy family/lifestyle
    *  Staying Young
    *  Becoming Active Again; Starting an Exercise Program
    *  Other: based on what employer and/or employees see

Noon hour Fitness Classes5-minute warm-up followed by workout and ending with 10-minute stretch/cool down (indoor and/or outdoor)

  1. Trainer Lead Fitness Class: leading a workout by demonstrating and queuing exercises (modifications will be given to address every fitness levels); no equipment is used.
  2. Games: A variety of exercise-type games are done as partners or in larger groups.
  3. Circuit-Style Workout: 5 – 10 stations, with and without equipment, are set out around the room accompanied by specific exercises to be done at each station.  — Participants work for set time (30 – 60 seconds) at each ‘station’, rotating to each station and repeating circuit until time is done.
    *  Participants work at stations individually
    *  Participants are partnered up encouraging and supporting each other through exercises (time is split up 30 x 30 seconds each)
    *  Participants are divided into equal groups of 4 – 8 people.
    *  At each station a certain number of repetitions need’s to be completed by each team member (usually 5 – 10 pending on exercise and fitness level); a team challenge is created, encouraging and supporting each other through a workout. *  *  Who will be the first team done?
    *  How many reps. can you do at each station? Highest Team Number at the end is a winner.

Whether your workplace has 5 or 50 employees, both programs are well suited to meet your specific needs.

Support & Teamwork facilitated enabled everyone to reach their highest potential;  An amazing sense of camaraderie among our employees now”


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