New Year’s Self-Care Resolutions Beyond Weight Loss and Diets

New Year’s Self-Care Resolutions Beyond Weight Loss and Diets

New Year’s Self-Care Resolutions Beyond Weight Loss and Diets

New Year’s Self-care Resolutions need to go beyond weight loss, the latest diet fad, or the newest exercise trends, and instead, your focus needs to be placed on how you value yourself, your thought processes, and your journey to wellness and a positive mindset.

Here are my top five New Year’s Self-Resolutions,

1. “I absolutely LOVE my reflection in the mirror.” – When you look in the mirror state how beautiful you are and what you love most about yourself. No self-criticizing allowed here. Women can be very self-criticizing when they look at themselves in the mirror. They often place a lot of focus on what they do not like rather than placing focus on what they love. So whether you love the colour of your eyes, your body shape, or the way your outfit looks on you, acknowledge that there is always something visually beautiful about yourself and feel proud of this.

2. “I am going to dedicate 20-minutes every day to physically moving my body.” – When you physically move your body, you increase positive feel-good endorphin-hormone, your blood flow is increased to both your brain and body and you will begin to appreciate what your body can do. What you decide to do to move is totally up to you. Whether you decide to go for a walk, a run, dance around the room, or go outside and just play, ensure you are partaking in something you love and enjoy doing. This simple process of moving your body will increase positive thoughts and heightened your self-confidence.

3. “Do something nice for someone, just because you wanted to” – the act of volunteering or helping someone out is a simple act of kindness that goes beyond increasing your self-worth. The experience linked to lending someone a helping hand, assisting someone with a task, or simply by holding the door open for someone, heightens your sense of importance, helpfulness, self-confidence, and self-worth.

4. “Gratitude is part of my morning ritual” – Finding something to be thankful for every day increases your own wellness with a positive mindset. For example, you can choose to be thankful that you are alive to see and experience another day, thankful for your health and ability to move your body, or thankful to feel the sunshine and the wind on your face. Whatever you choose, make gratitude a daily ritual and bring it into your life.

5. “Positive people lift my life” – Surround yourself with positive people and do not be afraid to say goodbye to the people in your life that bring you down or make you feel less important. At first, you may find it difficult to break ties with people in your life that radiate a negative vibe, but once you do, you will notice an immediate positive lifting feeling inside of you. Positive people are important in continuing on your journey to greater mental health and wellness.

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