Needing Some Motivation

Needing Some Motivation

Do you wake up in the morning regretting the day and not looking forward to it?  Do you go to bed everyday tired & drained?  Are you stressed all the time?  Do you wish you could just get in your car and drive, never looking back?  ARE YOU FED UP AND NOT LIKING YOUR LIFE?

Sounds like you “NEED SOME MOTIVATION”

Follow these 5 simple tips EVERYDAY.  By the end of the week, I want you to notice how much better you feel and how much brighter your life has become….

When you wake up in the morning, I want you to image 5 things you would like to see happen in your life.  Simple RULE:

  1. You have to feel it with all your heart and do it EVERYDAY
  2.  Now write them down.
  3. RELAX & Learn to BREATHE deeply, EVERYDAY.  When you feel yourself becoming stressed & tensed, tune into this.  Simple RULE:  Take a deep breath in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Do this 5 times.
  4. Make time for yourself EVERYDAY.  It only takes 30 min./day.  Simple RULE:  Do something you love; go for a walk, close your eyes & listen to the sounds around you, exercise, put on music, paint, read a book, journal.  If you didn’t get it the first time, DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE FOR 30 min. EVERYDAY.
  5. Set yourself 5 goals that you would like to see happen over the next year.  Think about it.  These are important life goals.  No, getting the laundry and dishes done doesn’t count!  Write down these 5 goals and place the list somewhere you will look everyday; on your bathroom mirror, on your fridge, on your car dashboard.  Simple RULE:  You look and read it EVERYDAY.  When you take a baby step to get you closer to this goal-write it down where you will see it EVERYDAY.

Now, how are you going to end your day?  Before you close your eyes and go to sleep…

I want you to be THANK-FUL for all the wonderful things in your life.

I want you to be THANK-FUL you took steps to feel MOTIVATED

I want you to think about something wonderful that happened to you today.  And don’t tell me you can’t think of anything!

And REMEMBER, all you need is to follow these 5 simple steps


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