March’s Client Of The Month – Tim T.

March’s Client Of The Month – Tim T.

timMarch represents seeing and acknowledging positive changes. Not looking back but rather focusing on moving forward. Facing challenges and knowing you have the ability to control, and be accountable, in making a difference in your life. For these reasons I am featuring my client Tim. Although faced with Parkinson’s Disease, ‘a neurological, degenerative disorder of the central nervous system’ (Wikipedia), Tim always radiates a positive mindset and values life’s day-to-day activites. By acknowledging the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle, he is accountable, and has proven first hand, the steps needed to help slow down this disease. As a trainer, I am rewarded by the large strives forward that I have observed in Tim’s movements, for example, his balance, and co-ordination, . Every session with Tim always begins with a smile and the mindset, “I Can Do This!” Tim perfectly fills the shoes of a role model; proving you can do things when you set your mind to it through perseverance, determination, and positive outlooks!

What is a quote you live by?

We are all dealt lousy cards at some point in our lives, play those cards to the fullest, don’t ever fold the hand, our life becomes what we make it”

My lousy cards came 12 years ago when diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. A member of a Masters Swim Club for 20 years, I was someone that was very health conscience. This diagnose seemed all wrong to me. First came denial, anger then acceptance. This is the hand I was dealt, now let’s PLAY! Parkinson’s is a very unique disease. A disease that basically takes from you, your ability to move your muscles as you wish. Classified as a movement disorder, not two people with the disease share the same symptoms. It is the management of these symptoms that have become one of my main personal goals in life.

What brought you to Body Business?

My wife Wendy is my Number One supporter in all I do. Inspired with results from her personal trainer, Wendy introduced me to Tanya and Body Business. Now I have a Number Two in Tanya.

What do you enjoy most about Body Business?

Tanya has a great understanding of the disease. Always searching for current information and different strategies to incorporate into our weekly work out sessions. A session that I share with Wendy. Tanya is very flexible and listens to what both our bodies are telling us and adapts on the fly. It is important as we age to maintain a complete range of motion with all our limbs and muscles, more importantly for someone with PD.

What are some health and fitness goals you have achieved since beginning with Body Business?

Since starting with Body Business I’m finding a greater improvement in my balance, strength and overall wellness. Tanya brings to each session a vibrant, youthful, very positive approach to your well being. With a very strong commitment to your success in reaching your goals, Body Business is exactly what the “Doctor Ordered”!

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