How to make your busy life less stressed.

How to make your busy life less stressed.

How to make your busy life less stressed!

Life, less stressed?  How to make your busy life less stressed.

Tanya Otterstein-Liehs here from, inspiring YOU, busy women, to start making important, life dependent important time for yourself by implementing exercise, balanced eating, and developing a positive mindset.

It’s Monday, October 31, it’s Halloween, and I’m on my daily morning walk, although my hand is a bit cold because I don’t have my mitten on as I am recording my video blog.

Life less stressed

I hope you are going to be dressed up like I am this evening – REMEMBER – DO NOT EAT all the Halloween candy – leave it for the kids.  Whatever you have left over, bring it to work, bring it to a neighbour, or freeze it and put it on Christmas gifts/packages or out on the table when you have your holiday guests!

As I mentioned last week, today I am going to talk about planning meal times to make them less stressed. 

If monthly meal planning is too hard for you, what you can do instead is do 7 – 14-day meal planning instead.

Grab your calendar and have family pick out a day of the week (at our house we put the days of the week into a hat, and pick one that is your day you get to pick what you want for supper), plan out your meals for the month; plan it out for 7-days; plan it out for 14-days.

On your calendar, write down both the supper and the lunches for each day, and then when you go grocery shopping, you won’t be all stressed out wondering what you are going to buy and make for supper and lunches because it is all planned out right there – NO MORE STRESS!

NO MORE coming home, rushed and wondering, “Oh, my gosh, I don’t’ know what to make for supper!”  You’ll know ahead of time, right!

So that is my tip this week for planning out meal times and making them less stressed.  Once you get started it’ll make life so much easier.  We do it in our family but when we don’t, it’s like, “Oh, my god, what am I going to make for supper?  Oh my gosh!!”

My health tip for you this week, Planning out YOUR monthly meal plan.

I’d love to know how meal planning lunches went – is going – for you that I had last week – by  commenting below…

…and EVERY Friday @10:00 am I’ll be doing LIVE chats on my Facebook page.  Post or message me your questions and I will answer them during my LIVE chats.

Continue to let me know what you’d like me to blog about in my weekly video talks, and get YOUR ball rolling to Healthy Ways BEFORE the New Year comes because you know those “New Year’s Resolutions”, never work out!

Tanya Otterstein-Liehs here from, wishing you a Happy Halloween!

Take care, bye….

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