You Love How No Sleep is affecting Your Health.

You Love How No Sleep is affecting Your Health.


Looking at the clock you realize it’s getting really late so you finally go to bed exhausted but end up tossing and turning all night.  Four hours later your alarm clock goes off — you drag yourself out of bed; get ready for work only to realize you can’t find anything that fits.  Frustrated you’re running late again you fly out the door, no time to make breakfast you stop by a coffee shop to pick-up an unhealthy breakfast and become anxious because your doctor has warned you that you’re border line for Type II Diabetes.

Sound familiar?  Let’s break it down and focus on the top two reasons why suffering from little or no sleep can be havoc for our health.

Weight gain – When your body is lacking in sleep it you find it difficult to deal with simple everyday situations.  Your hormones, cortisol and insulin levels are affected; your body falls into survival mode; your metabolism slows down and you begin craving food – you can’t seem to stop eating, especially those high carbohydrate, high fat and high sugar foods.  You break down and give into your cravings – frustration sets in because you know these foods are not the answer to your situation – you’re putting on weight and your body fat percentage is skyrocketing.

Type II Diabetes – People with Type II Diabetes produce insulin but their body is unable to recognize or use it properly (insulin resistance).  Lack of sleep; combination of high carbohydrate and high fat consumption; being overweight or obese; lack of exercise are all prime causes.

But there are some simple solutions.

Make a point of turning off all electronics at least two hours before you go to bed and get them out of your bedroom, they stimulate the brain; take a warm relaxing bath – if you’re a parent you know this helps your children to relax and fall asleep faster; stay away from caffeine four hours before bed – this is how long it takes caffeine to leave your body; aim for at least 6 – 8 hours of sleep.

Once you are rewarded with more sleep, you will instantly feel a difference and make better choices when it comes to your overall health.

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