LOVE LIFE – LOVE YOURSELF – Why I always talk about this.

LOVE LIFE – LOVE YOURSELF – Why I always talk about this.

LOVE LIFE – LOVE YOURSELF – Why I always talk about this.


LOVE LIFE – LOVE YOURSELF – Why I always talk about this.

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How are YOU today?  I’m great!

You know how sometimes the weeks fly by – like I can’t believe it’s already June 17th and the kids are done school in two weeks – it’s hard to acknowledge how fast the year has gone by, except for these past 2-weeks  (Thumbs up if you can’t believe how fast the year is going by).

It’s really nice that the week doesn’t feel like it’s flying by like some weeks.  Is this how you feel?

Yes, there are some weeks where you can’t get everything done that you wanted to, but if you do not fret, things will happen and your “TO DO LIST” will get completed.  This is my first tip for you today,

Write things down to keep you on track and stroke off the items as they get done.  You’ll feel great seeing this.

Speaking of which, you may be wondering why I am always talking about the same thing,

  • making important time for yourself – especially as a middle-aged mom between 35 – 55-years of age
  • scheduling time for yourself – an appointment
  • the importance of taking care of yourself
  • finding that passion you once had and doing it again
  • don’t fret & stress about everything because the more you do, the more stressed you become
  • the importance of exercising – moving your body
  • overall balanced eating and I’m not saying you can’t have a treat, what I’m meaning is balanced eating because there is a huge difference between eating out once and a while, to eating crap every day

There is a reason why I am talking about this all the time, and this is because it is my passion.

You see, I have a goal, and that is to Inspire 5000-middle aged women by the end of 2017, to have helped them Transform their LIFE!

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