The Link Between Weight Loss And A Positive Mind Set

The Link Between Weight Loss And A Positive Mind Set

March9  Turn on the television, open a magazine, read it on the internet, hear it on the radio, you’ll find headlines about the latest diet, pill, or shake that is helping hundreds of people find solutions to loosing weight.  And then there’s the break-through workout, your answer to weight loss.

Isn’t that what everyone is looking for?  A ‘magic’ solution.  There isn’t one; it all comes down to what you eat, getting some form of exercise, and the health of your mind.

No need to explain the importance of food and exercise, instead I’m going to dive straight into your mindset.  How do you view yourself; do you love or dislike yourself;  are you proud of your body or embarrassed; do you partake in social events with enthusiasm or cringe at the thought; summer’s coming, are you looking forward to wearing shorts, sleeveless tops, sun dresses, and wearing a bathing suit; how’s your stress level and how do you deal with it? 

Is your life, work situation, the choices you make everyday positive or do you feel stuck and struggling? Do you feel scared, perhaps very frustrated that stress has become a part of your life?

Did you know stress and negative thinking is one of the most important links between weight loss and a positive mind set.  NO advertisement will ever tell you this.  Negativity and stress raises our cortisol levels and changes the hormones in our body.  Basically your body’s furnace-your metabolism-for burning fat and calories shuts down.  Without getting into scientific terms your body is in “Fight or Flight” mode.

How do you bring down the stress levels in your life and develop a positive mind set?

For starters, instead of taking on too many project’s, learn to say no, limit your workload, and seek out or ask to form a team to help you.  What would make you increasingly happier and provide you with more satisfaction-five projects where you are only able to give 50% or one project where you were able to dedicated 100% of your focus leading to outstanding result and a very impressive project?

Set up a game plan and write down the steps you need to follow in order for change to occur.  What I mean here is writing down a goal-monthly and yearly.  Write down what you need to do to achieve this goal by the end of the month, end of the year.  Better yet, break it down even more by scheduling in what you need to do each week and each day to achieve your goal.  Follow through with your scheduled task time in your daily, weekly, and monthly calendar.

Now, stand in front of a mirror, smile and tell yourself how beautiful you are!  When I say ‘tell yourself,’ I want you to feel it and add power to these words.  We all have beauty on both the outside and on the inside!

You see, when we apply all the above points, the way we think changes.  We become more positive and these positive thoughts lead to succeeding in what we put our minds to!

When we feed our mind and body with positive thoughts and energy, our body can’t help but begin to shed the negative weight that has been attached to it.  This shift creates and brings about achievement.  It’s a simple step, but never under value its strength and power!

So remember, your link to weight loss is found in your mind, stress levels, your body beliefs and how you view yourself.




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