It’s what helps me carry on and continue to move forward when things get tough. It’s what helps me stay on track and get things done.  It’s what helped me created and continue to host a monthly women’s entrepreneur group.  It’s what helped me become recognized as an expert on Self-Care & Self-Love  It’s what helped become a chosen model for the KW Women’s Show

My personal goals and my business insight is based on understanding and keeping self-care, having a positive mindset, and simplifying things a part of my life, and I’ve decided to make 2020 exceptionally important this year.  It’s what got me thinking back in 2019 and what made me decide to create a whole new course for 2020 called Self-Care, Mindset and New Beginnings and I invite you to join me as I open up the doors for the next adventure that begins in March.  Over the next few weeks I’m going to be going LIVE on Facebook and Instagram to give you a taste of what it’ll be like but for today I invite you to do a little reflection.

It’s an exercise I’ve been doing inside my program.  It’s so enlightening and will help you get some clarity on things you want to achieve this year…and may help you dig deeper to those things that are in the back of your mind to get rid of because they no longer serve purpose.  

Are you ready?

First, I want you to get a pen and paper and write down 10 things you really had fun, enjoyed, and loved doing last year. Maybe it was getting together with friends, going out on date nights, picking up an activity you loved, learning a new craft, or reading more books – you get the idea. NOW< start writing.

Next, write another list of 10 things you really didn’t like doing in 2019 – the things you came up with excuses for because you didn’t want to do it, the things you dreaded just thinking about.  Maybe it was doing a certain house chore, seeing a certain person, work projects, an exercise class – you know it.  NOW< start writing.  .

Finally, pull out your calendar and start marking in dates of all those things you love doing. If it’s meeting up with a friend at a cafe, make sure it’s in your schedule for every second Thursday of the month (whenever it works for you both). If it’s reading a book, then go purchase two books you’ve been meaning to read so you can begin reading one.

THIS IS YOUR YEAR to make sure that in 2020 you are doing more of the things you love doing SO THAT you can have an uplifting and empowering year – lead with self-care and a positive mindset.

As for the list of things you dislike?  Find someone to do it for you or at the least help you because although it’s true we can’t stop…let’s say, cleaning our home, we can have family members or someone else help make it spotless AND the same goes with laundry.  And that exercise class you can’t stand but make yourself think you have to go because of a,b,c…choose another exercise class or find another activity that’ll have you move your body (get physically active).

Keep things less complicated, take more baby steps, and simplify your life pie.  Make 2020 more about you and less about everyone else in YOUR LIFE.  WHAT DO YOU WANT?  Start thinking about how you feel and what you want in your life – goals you’d like to make happen – some desires and exciting direction you seek.  Come and join me and 19 other women in a safe space inside The Self-Care, Mindset and New Beginnings Program and let’s get you where you want to be.

Self-Care, Mindset and New Beginnings – A SNEAK PEEK 

Places are limited so don’t leave it last minute to reserve your spot. We start shifting our lives with baby steps in March.This is “self-love everyday” Tanya.

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