So many micronutrients in only 1 Glass

A few months ago we decided to begin juicing again.  As we would like to do this everday, it does not always happen, but, at least I can say we are making a point to juice at least 2x/wk.

BOY, do I ever notice a difference in my energy levels when I have juiced. I tend to have more energy and feel like I could take on the world all day and night.  It’s hard to believe one would feel like this after consuming only 500ml of pure juice.  A simple mixture of fruits, vegetables, spirulina, and a few other herbs know for their beneficial qualities.  Best part, even the kids like it.  WE all get very excited when we start cutting up our produce, place it into the juicer, and watch the rainbow of colours pour out.  My mouth is watering now thinking about these yummy juice flavours!!

When i think about it, there really is no excuse as to why juicing is not part of our everyday lives.  It really only takes about 15 min-that includes washing, cutting, juicing, and clean-up.

We have found that by leaving our juicer on the counter creates a mental reminder.  If we tuck it away in the cupboards, we forget.

Do you ever send fruits and veggies to school with the kids only to find they did not eat everything?  It happens at our house.  I simply collect the ‘returns’, place them in the refridgerator in a covered GLASS container, and by the week’s end, we add all the leftovers to the “Juice of the Day”.  Nothing wasted, only lots gained.  The pulp produced from our juicer gets placed into our compost containers, our golden soil created in our composters produces a multitude of minerals for our vegetables in our 15 x 30 vegetable garden and for our numerous flower gardens.

Only YOU have the power to take care of your body and your child(ren)’s.

Only YOU have the power to decide what you are going to feed your body.

Only YOU have the power to decide the furture of both your health and your child(ren’s).

By taking care of YOUR BODY TODAY will help decide YOUR Health and YOUR Body in the Future.

What do you want?

How OLD do you want to be when you die?

Begin NOW taking those baby steps to a More Energetic, More Healthy,

 More Glowing YOU.

Take steps NOW to prevent your dependency in supporting

 Mulit-Million Dollar Pharmacuticals.


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