January’s Client Of The Month – Sarah M.

January’s Client Of The Month – Sarah M.

Sarah-MuellerSarah has been with Body Business for a little over a year now and with her she always brings a positive energy, great enthusiasm, and wears a huge, warm smile (as her photo shows) each and every session; always pushing herself, never giving up, and proving that she can do it! There are days Sarah is exhausted from a long, hard day ‘at the office’, but always pulls it together and finds time to make it to T.B.T.B.C Fitness Sessions, knowing she will feel both Energized & Relaxed by the end of class! I have seen so many positive changes occur since Sarah’s first session in 2012, and feel she is a great recipient as Body Business’s First Client of the Month.

Why did you decide to begin exercising?

I own a web and graphic design business and find I’m sitting in front of a computer the majority of the day. I needed something to get me out of the house, off my chair, and relieve stress! Body Business’s boot camp class was the answer :)”

Since joining Body Business’s T.B.T.B.C Fitness Sessions, can you explain to others what you have noticed both physically, and mentally occurring?

I’ve noticed many changes. I have an increase muscle mass and tone; my body fat percentage has decreased; my stress levels have decrease and my overall mood has greatly improved. Tanya also shares exercises to help the ‘people that live on the computer’ aka me! by sharing some very useful everyday wrist exercises.”


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