It’s rather simple

It’s rather simple

No photos today.  No links either.  Just a simple look on life.

As I was listening to CBC radio this morning one of the talk shows was about where you would want to die.  In a hospital or at home.  To me, I found this a rather simple question to answer.  At home of course.

Today’s show focused on the dying of cancer.  So many of us have family members, friends, or aquaintances that are are facing this.  CANCER.

When my father-in-law passed away, his choice was to die at home.  We had a hospital bed brought into his home so that he didn’t have to be faced with the difficulty of climbing up stairs to get to bed.  Upon his last few days, it was comforting to all of us know he was happy being surrounded by his family and in a place he had loved.  His home.  For us, his family, I must say it was rather freeing to know we could shed our tears in a familiar surrounding instead of in a hospital.  With my father-in-law choosing to die at home, we felt comfortable in telling him and talking about what we wanted and needed to say to him.  I guess you could say this gave us closure.  Too often you hear people say they wish they could have told___ that ____.  We were able to do this.  It helped with the healing process.

Many people also called in to talk about the 65 Hospice Centres that are in Canada.  29 in Ontario, the rest mostly in B.C and Quebec.  (more are needed throughout Canada).  They talked how comforting these centres are, a home like centre, yet giving patients the medical care that is needed that they may not receive at home.

You ask, Tanya, why are you talking about this.  Well, lately as I look around me, I am hearing so many people complain about ?.  I wonder if they really realize how lucky they are!!  I wonder if they take life for granted instead of waking up and being thank-ful for what they have.

In closing, I can end my blog with a question for you, or I can end it with a thought.  Something for you to relish on and begin your next chapter.

Today, what is one thing you are thank-ful for and lucky to have in your life.  I know this may be difficult to narrow down.  If it is your family, then think about each one of them.
Do you realize how lucky you are?
Now, imagine your life without _______.
Point made.

Thanks for taking the time to read over my blog.
I value your comments and feedback.

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