Inspired to dust off the old gym membership?

Inspired to dust off the old gym membership?

Summer Sports

Inspired to dust off your old gym membership?

With summer starts the fantastic summer of sport with world-class competitions such as Wimbledon Tennis, the UEFA European Championships, the Tour the France and the main event of the summer the Rio Olympic Games in August.

“With such an eventful sporting calendar public interest in getting out and participating in sport will be high, but a lot of people will not know where or how to get involved.”

“It really is easy for people – JUST LIKE YOU – who are feeling inspired by the athletes on your screen to get involved and get active this summer.”

“With such a wide range of quality sports on show a lot of people will be feeling inspired to dust off the old gym membership and get participating again or maybe they’ll see a sport at the Olympics they want to give a go, no matter what the reason, we should be helping people who get motivated by the spectacle of the Olympics and other events.”

“I’ve come up with a list of 10-local of sporting attractions that people living in
Kitchener-Waterloo might fancy trying.  Many clubs offer a FREE week trial during the summer months.”  Remember to check your city for your local sports clubs.

Tennis clubs

Local cycling groups

Rowing Club

Local rugby club

Diving Centres

Archery clubs


Equestrian Clubs


Outdoor Fitness Classes

AND remember you do not need to join a club to experience the benefits of summer sports.

YOU can visit a beach or local community pool to go swimming and/or frolic in the water; enjoy an evening walk with the family, or on your own, when the sun is setting; enjoy a hike on the Bruce Trail or in one of our gorgeous Provincial Parks; and finally you can set up your sprinkler and dance like it’s 1980 (if you are from generation ‘X‘ you’ll know what I mean).

“I am really excited about a summer of sport and look forward to helping as many people as possible get fit and healthy!”

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