I am LUCKY!!

I am LUCKY!!

Looking over this past week and all the events that have happened in the United States, have further strengthened my strong belief that I AM LUCKY for my life.

Too many times I look around me and hear people complaining of small petty things.  Many are focused on what they do not have; what they wish they had; or simply jealous of another’s accomplishments.

Rather than stressing and being nasty about what you do not have, start focusing your energy on what you DO HAVE!!

Every morning I make it a ritual upon rising to focus on the good in my life.  This focus entails believing and feeling inside the things I am truely thankful for.

I have my family, my health, and a home.  There are many other things I am thank-ful for however, these are my first 3 simple thougths.

I believe many people do not realize how lucky they are to have these three very simple things.  Too many people take for granted what they do have and forget we are blessed and lucky to have in our life who, and what we do have.

Now change your focus…think about how empty and sad your life would be without your family, your health, or your home.

I heard on CBC radio this week an interiew with one of the surgeon’s who is treating many of the victim’s of the Boston Marathon.  This surgeon had to amputate limbs off of people.  What he spoke about in the interview was very emotional.  I’m coming to that…

Now image, one minute you are happy and cheering the marathon runner’s on as they finally come into the finish stretch, next minute you are lying there looking down at pool of blood (sorry to be so graffic), and wondering where your legs are.

Here is what the surgeon was so inspired by, as myself.  When people were waking following their surgeries, they talked about what they felt and what was going through their minds as they lay on the ground after the explosion, wondering if they were going to die and all that went through their head was if they would ever see their families again.  They were happy to be alive!!  Although life would be different without any lower limbs, they were thankful they did not die and were alive…ALIVE…and would sitll be with their families!!

I’ll leave you with this single ending, begin your day tomorrow by with a SMILE and warm positive thoughts.  BE THANK-FUL FOR YOUR LIFE, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR HEALTH, AND YOUR HOME!!


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