Hydration & Exercise

Hydration & Exercise


Dirty Dash, July 2014

My husband and I after completing the 8km Dirty Dash.  Definitely NOT for the serious runner!

Notice the BIG smiles.  For anyone who has run this race you will agree that the finish line is full of laughter, smiles, and for many, becoming stuck in the knee deep mud pit-yes, that’s the only way to the finish line.  Some may say this is ‘disgusting’, but where else can you enjoy a ‘spa’ mud bath in the great outdoor!

So, now to the hydration part.  You may have already heard about the importance of staying hydrated, especially prior to a race.  This was however not the case for myself, and I can tell you I did pay for it.

It is so important to begin your hydration 2 days prior-this would mean I should have begun my extra fluid intake on Friday, continuing into Saturday.  In simple terms, my pee should have been clear Sunday morning-you know when you get up first thing in the morning and empty your bladder.  This was NOT the case.

Saturday we spent the day in Toronto visiting relatives that came from oversees.   Walking, talking, and enjoying the sunshine.  We really had a wonderful time, it was just my fault I didn’t bring more than 1 water bottle and/or purchase fluids throughout the day.  By the time we arrived back home it was after 10:00pm.  Dehydration had already set in.  But who wants to down litres of water at 10pm-only to be woken up throughout the night with a bladder screaming at you to be emptied.

I woke up early Sunday morning trying to down fluids-but my stomach can only take too much.  Although, when it was time to run the race, my pee was clear, but none-the-less I felt very thirsty.

The 8km cross-country race begins.  With the sun beating down on my head, my legs complaining from all the hill climbs, river crossings, and my head feeling like it was ready to explode, I was ready to stop at the 4km mark.  Looking at my watch I was 3 min/km slower that my usual pace.  ONWARD.

Okay, 4km behind me, only 4km left, with the best part ahead–the mud pit finish.

I’ve never been one to give up.  Keep going, only 3 km left, only — min. left!

Finally the finish!  12 min. slower, body dehydrated, headache coming on–oh what it’s like to be a runner.

In the end I know I should have done better-I know I would have done better, but I DID FINISH and the best part, IT WAS A LOT OF FUN.













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