Body & Mindset Makeover

Get Ready to feel absolutely Self-Empowered, gain a Positive Mindset with heightened Self-Confidence, Self-Worth and finally embrace and love who you are – especially when looking at your Self-Reflection in the mirror – LOVE Your Sexy Curves.

Positive affirmation every week – will be posted on our Facebook group page

1 x “homework” task/month – will be emailed to you and posted on the first Monday of every month on our Facebook group page

2 x 30-minute virtual group support talk (check-in’s) every month – that will take place in Zoom. The link for our talks will be posted on our Facebook group page. And don’t worry, if you are unable to make it to the chat, I will post the recording in our Facebook group page.

Monthly recipe – will be emailed to you and posted under the files section of our Facebook group page. Opportunity to share your recipes every Thursday

1 x 25-minute video workout/week (20-minute workout with 5-minute stretch) – I will be going live in our Facebook group page every Wednesday to do the workout. All live workouts are automatically recorded and available for you…OR…Join me and let’s do our workout together.

1 x 20-minute stretch video will be posted every week in our Facebook group page

1 x live Q&A/month to answer your questions that were sent in

Celebration note cards – PDF file in our Facebook group

ONLY $49.99 $1.99/for your first month
After your first month, your coaching program membership will automatically increase to $49.99/month. You can cancel your membership at any time after your third month.



Where does the Body & Mindset Makeover Membership take place?
There’s a closed Facebook Group Page I have created for all members. Once your payment is processed, you will be automatically taken to your confirmation page where you will find your link for this Facebook Group Page.

What will I need for this program?
Your enthusiasm, showing up and being dedicated to your own self-care – with my inspiration and support of course.

What is the cancelation policy?
You can cancel anytime after your third month. Just notify Tanya directly by sending her an email and she will cancel your membership before your next payment comes out.

ONLY $49.99 $1.99/for your first month
After that, your subscription will automatically update to $49.99/month. 

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