How to help YOUR Lower Back Pain

How to help YOUR Lower Back Pain

I find many people today are dealing with Lower Back Pain due to their work conditions and stress.

I create & publish an easy to read, 4 page, Monthly Newsletter titled, Body Business Monthly Newsletter, that includes, but is not limited to, 3 recipes, Q & A section, Everyday Helpful Hints, and Exercises.  For the last 3 months, in Everyday Helpful Hints, I have articles pin-pointing ways to ‘save’ your back.  This month in Body Business’s Exercise section, I decided to list, with diagrams, 3 important stretches that should be incorporated everyday into your life to help ease your lower back pain.

In my blog today, I am going to share these exercises with you…

Please be reminded, that when stretching, you should NEVER stretch to the point of pain!  You may experience slight discomfort due to tight muscles, however, if you experience PAIN, STOP doing the stretch and seek outside medical attention!

I strongly advised you to listen to your body, and pay attention to my diagrams I have included.  I am not there to watch you do the stretch, and correct any body positioning, so be aware of what your body is doing.  These stretches are to help create flexibility in your body.

  1. Stretch your Hip Flexors:   
  2. Stretch you Hamstrings:
  3. Stretch you Back (Knee-to-Chest):  :     An additional Back Stretch
Here are important simple stretches that you can do Everyday at your desk.

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Happy Stretching Everyone!  Here’s to More Flexibility, and More Mobility!!

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