Homemade Meals, Really Simple Actually, as also written in Time Magazine

Homemade Meals, Really Simple Actually, as also written in Time Magazine

I recently read an interesting article in October 20th issue of Time Magazine.  Written by best selling food writer Mark Bittman.

He writes about needing to return to the basics, remember when we were young, and ate homemade meals.  I think you can agree that nothing beats mom’s cooking!  Thinking back to my childhood, although my mother worked full-time, she still always made an effort to provide the family with wholesome, made from scratch, using natural ingredients, home made meals.  Never mind just including dinner, this also included breakfast, and a wonderful ‘take-to-school’ lunch box meal, later on, paper bag lunches.

Your body was satisfied, your mind rich with nutrients, and oh, those yummy home baked treats.  Now, when I grew up, we hardly had desert, heck, our stomach’s were too full (remember, we ate nutrient dense whole foods), however, on occasion, we did make chocolate pudding drizzled with vanilla sauce, marble or plum cake, known as  Zwetschgekuchen (is your mouth watering yet).  I have to laugh, still today my dad and I fight over who gets the corner piece of the plum cake.  Nothing complicated.  A simple dough made from flour, eggs, butter, vanilla, and sugar; then spread in a pan, covered with cut up Zwetschge (those are German plums), cinnamon, and sliced almonds.

Now where was I….

Back to Mr. Bittman, I loved that Time Magazine decided to cover this topic.  With the high epidemic of Obesity, Type II Diabetes, which by the way is no longer an aging adult disease, and an ever growing society of over stressed, non-moving, technical lead population, we are forgetting to step back and exam our basic need for survival, healthy food & exercise.

As a Fitness Professional you already know how important fitness is to me, so I’ll leave this for another post.

People speak how money is so tight, but let’s break it down.


  • Stop off at the local coffee shop and/or bakery on your way to work?
  • Grab take-out, fast food, vending machine, or eat out for lunch?
  • Go all day with-out eating, only to find yourself ravished?
  • Purchase pre-packaged, and/or frozen meals?
  • Eat dinner at a restaurant?

Now, I want you to take a piece of paper, answer the above questions, including cost, and tally it.  WOW!!!!!  I bet the money you just spent, or what I call ‘waisted’, could have bought you groceries and provided you and your family with meals & snacks for a whole week.  Now don’t tell me money is tight!

Don’t get me wrong, but I bet those of you who are angry at me right now, may possibly have answered all 5 of the above questions.  YES?

In our household, yes, we usually go to a restaurant or order pizza 1/wk, that’s ONLY either eat out, 1 x or order pizza, 1 x, NOT both.  But, on the other 6 days, I do cook and bake from scratch.  I love the energy and good feeling/emotions I experience when I prepare & cook.  Smelling the aromas, whether if be sauteed onions combined with garlic & mushrooms, oh my mouth is watering again (think it’s linked with the part of the brain that places memories with good experiences), or perhaps it’s the spices I am using, NO SALT.  Remember, wholesome foods balanced with proper spices creates very flavourful meals.  And, from a mom’s point of view, I love it when the kids & my husband come home, and ask me what I am cooking for supper because it smells so good!

I realize today’s blog is starting to get lengthy, but I’ll leave you with this thought,

How difficult would it be to cook up some chicken, for example, add some veggies, and voila, you have a wonderful, enriched, yummy homemade meal.  And who knows, maybe there’s left over chicken–create a new meal for tomorrow.

Leave me your thoughts and comments below, I’d love to hear them.

Happy Cooking

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