HITT and/or Tabata Workouts

HITT and/or Tabata Workouts

group-fitnessHigh Intensity Interval Training, or better know as HITT workouts, are intense, short burst segmented exercises lasting 30-40 seconds, followed by 15-20 seconds of rest.  The total workout lasts anywhere from 4 – 30 minutes, utilizing 80% of muscles to execute the exercises compared to only 40% when executing steady state exercise.

Tabata, named after Professor Izumi Tabata, conducted a study with the Japanese Olympic speed skating team in 1996. One executes 20 seconds of ultra-intense exercises followed by 10 seconds rest.  This circuit is repeated 8 times (4 minutes) finishing with 1 minutes rest.  This 4 minute cycle is repeated 3 or 5 times.

Both HITT & Tabata have the same overall benefits; amazing at reducing total fat body, improving overall cardiorespiratory fitness, increasing muscle tone, and significantly increase insulin sensitivity.

Personally I think this is a win, win!

What would you rather do?

  1. Workout for only 20 min., producing a great sweat that will reduce our stress levels, cleanse out our pores (good-bye high spa prices for pore cleansing!), tone our body, and burn the fat hiding on our bodies, or
  2. Exercise for 60 min. and pending on the intensity, you may or may not reap the same benefits

As for what to consider.  Remember, these workouts are conducted at very high-intense levels, definitely not for the beginner, unless you want to collapse to the floor (if you watch Big Bang, imagine yourself as Lenard when he fell to the floor after only 2 min. on a treadmill).  Risk for injury is also increased when executing the exercises without proper form or technique.

However that said, I wouldn’t shy away from these types of workouts either.  There are always modifications, and working with a coach, fitness professional that can guide you on how to incorporate these types of workouts.

At Body Business our ShapeShift Sessions are performed using the above forms.  Exercises, proper form & technique are explained, providing modifications, to meet all our different fitness level.    Participants are reminded to listen to their body, but also encouraged to not be afraid to give themselves an extra push.  Before you know it, they are working out at advanced levels they never dreamed of being able to do; if they exercised on their own.

That’s it.

As written, today’s blog is about HITT & Tabata; its’ benefits & what to consider.

I’d love to know if you do these types of exercises and what you love about them by commenting below.

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