Helping Our Birds, Bird Feeders & Love

Helping Our Birds, Bird Feeders & Love

The Beauty of Nature’s Colors In Winter

As we all rush indoors to the warmth during these last couple of weeks, my thoughts are always on the poor animals that are left outside to fend for themselves.  Could this be the reason we have 4 feeders outside?  Two in the front yard, two in the backyard….

Yes, and No.

Let me Explain.

AS you know, birds help control the insect population, they sing a beautiful song, and personally, my family can agree with me on this one, they are fun and exciting to watch.  Almost peaceful.

In the Summer our feathered friends have a variety of food sources readily available, but come the winter…well, I don’t think I need to go into any explanations, unless you live in a country that really only has one season, summer.  Here in Canada, we have 4 seasons, with Winter this year being no exception to one of the coldest.  (now don’t complain, don’t you remember when you were a child, this is what winter was really like; an old fashion winter!  Am I aging myself)

Now where was I…ah yes, Winter.

As I was saying, we have 4 bird feeders.  Sadly yesterday they became empty.  Normally ‘our’ birds join us during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We didn’t see them at dinner yesterday, breakfast this morning, or lunch.  It’s funny how things become routine, and when it doesn’t happen, you become, sad really, something seems to be missing.  One of our routines is watching the birds and talking about them.  Discussing which species is eating today, and asking each other if we see them all.  This special conversation was missing since yesterday.

I finally got a chance to head out this afternoon and pick-up some birdseed.  Did I mention that it needs to be corn-free feed!  Corn tends to bloat the birds, which makes them thirsty; where is there water to drink when it is frozen?  Corn feed also makes their little bellies fill up to fast before they really get a chance to fill up on the healthy stuff.  You know, kind of like when you get bloated from not eating something you are used to.  How do you feel?!

Once I got home I filled our feeders.  You know, funny thing is, it’s like the birds were waiting for me; it’s like they were watching.  No sooner did I fill the feeders when birds began happily flying over, perching themselves happily on the foot rests, and began eating.

I really do think they are getting used to us.  I wasn’t even 1 ft. away from the feeder, and as I looked up to some beautiful singing, and there I spotted 4 common sparrows and a chickadee.



I think this weekend we are going to sit on the front porch, with some seed in our hands, and see if they will come to eat.  Possible.  I think so.  We think they are used to us since they do not fly away anymore when we go in or head out the front door.  I like to think that a Trust has developed between us.  A sort of Respect for one another.

Did I mention we also have bird baths…well, that’s for another season.

So to Yes, we do feed our birds to help them survive.

NO it’s not just to help them survive, but also because we love to watch them.

Got to go.  But remember, Feed our Feathered Friends.

Love them and bring them happiness.

Help Them.

After all, they do help you with the insect population and more.


Happy Winter,

Stay Warm.

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